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    Sometimes i despair at my fellow workers.

    Bongbong elected as president.

    …Bongbong has successfully portrayed himself as the candidate for change, promising happiness and unity to a country weary of years of political polarisation and pandemic hardship, and hungry for a better story.
    By staying away from all the presidential debates and refusing media interviews, he avoided having his family’s record challenged, and was able to maintain the illusion of harmony…

    …There was the social media campaign to rebrand the old Marcos era – not as a period of martial law, with its terrible human rights abuses, corruption and near-economic collapse – but as a golden age of crime-free prosperity…”There’s a spectrum of lies and distortion in these videos,” says Fatima Gaw at the University of the Philippines Department of Communications Research.

    “There is outright denial of the atrocities of the martial era… There’s also a lot of distortion, claims of economic progress during the so-called golden years of the Philippines, by cherry picking particular details.” And then there are the myths, widely believed in poorer parts of the Philippines, that the Marcoses do indeed hold vast wealth in offshore accounts or hidden stashes of gold bullion, but that these are being kept to benefit the Filipino people once they are restored to power…

    These persuaded millions of Filipinos that the vilification of the Marcoses after their downfall was unfair, that the stories of unrivalled greed were untrue… the pro-Marcos disinformation campaign has also benefited from widespread public disappointment over the failure of the post-1986 administrations to bring significant improvements to the lives of poorer Filipinos.


    I think that Karl Marx over estimated the taking of class consciousness within the working class. He never thought that the workers themselves were going to support and worship their own ruling class, exploiters, and capitalism. There is a wide spread of political ignorance around the world and workers instead of moving forward they are moving backward. It is a bizarre situation.

    The best scenario is the case of the USA whereas workers know that Donald Trump is a crooked individual, a criminal, a thief, a corrupted politician, a liar, a vagabond, a parasite and millions of workers are worshipping him, willing to die for him, and he might be elected again along with his gangs of reactionaries and recalcitrants. They are willing to vote against their own interests and against any reforms that might provide benefits to them


    An analysis on why Bongbong won the election

    “…the Millennial and Gen Z generations were not inspired by a vision of the future but by a fabricated image of the past…The times called for Gramsci, but much of the left here stuck with Lenin. This vanguardism in mass organizing was coupled, paradoxically, with an electoral strategy that de-emphasized class rhetoric, threw overboard practically all references to socialism, and satisfied itself with being a mini partner in elections with contending factions of the capitalist elite… ”


    I do not agree with that analysis, it is very superficial and it has nothing to do with liberalism, it has do with political and historical knowledges and class consciousness. The grandson of dictator Rafael L Trujillo was also running a political campaign (and he is a well versed intelectual) to be a president and he was rejected and the reason is that young peoples have more political and historical knowledges, and the left had a heavy influences on the minds of the young peoples. Most Phillipines in the USA support Donald Trump and most peoples from the Caribbean do not support Donald Trump and the reactionary actions of the Republican Party and they support progressive candidates

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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