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    In the past, it was idealistic socialists who sought to build their Utopian communities.

    Now it is the billionaires.

    Former Walmart exec Marc Lore seeks to create “a new city in America that sets a global standard for urban living, expands human potential, and becomes a blueprint for future generations.”
    The first 50,000 residents of Telosa — the name for Lore’s magical city, taken from the ancient Greek for “highest purpose” — could be enjoying life in a health-conscious, totally sustainable, and architecturally avant-garde urban cultural oasis as early as 2030.

    Cryptocurrency king Jeffrey Berns wants to build in Nevada, a state whose tax benefits — like no income tax — this mega-millionaire finds mighty appealing. Berns has so far laid out $300 million. Berns expects his new city — Painted Rock — to host some 36,000 residents and generate $4.6 billion in annual economic output. He’s been trying to get the state to enact a new local-government model that lets his city run its own show as an “innovation zone.” His ultimate goal? Berns says he’s endeavoring to create a place where government and Corporate America “can’t interfere.”


    Sounds as if Berns wants to create an anarcho-capitalist utopia. If he does, it will fail (who would want to live in it?) and the anarcho-capitalists will no longer be able claim that “capitalism has never been tried !”


    We shouldn’t forget those rocketeer profiteers, who want orbiting space stations and Moon and Mars bases to escape a future poisoned planet.

    Some seek to mine the asteroids for the depleted Earths natural resources and are already involved in legal arguments over private property rights and sovereignty of Outer Space.


    Jeff Bezos has announced plans to launch a commercial space station, named “Orbital Reef,” by the end of the decade. It would also include a “space hotel”.

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