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    Bill Martin will be debating Keith Knight, an anarcho-capitalist
    YouTuber, on the Blue Politics site on Discord, next Monday 24 August at
    8.30pm BST.
    If you want to attend this debate you will need access to the Blue
    Politics site. You can use this standard invite to gain entry:
    The site has a filter system to stop trolls, so you will need to follow
    these instructions once you’re in.
    Find the  #lurker-verification channel and answer the pinned questions.
    To make it easier, these are the questions (note: AMA stands for
    Ask-Me-Anything, a kind of collective interview).
    1. how did you find the server? (You can say you got the invite from me)
    2. have you read the rules? if so
    3. what are the first letters of the 3 banned words (Rule 1) and
    4. describe rule 13 in your own words.
    5. do you have any interest in AMAs with public figures, debate nights,
    or mock government?
    Answer these and the site moderators will verify you. The
    #lurker-verification channel is not visible to anyone who is already
    registered on the site, so please don’t ask me to find it for you. I
    imagine it will be right at the top of the LH column near the rules and
    I don’t know yet what channel the debate will take place in, but will
    advise. Apologies for the short notice, but we had very little time to
    set this up.
    on behalf of Paddy

    Here’s the audio recording of the SPGB debate with an Anarcho-Capitalist

    Debate with Anarcho-Capitalist

    Hosted online by ‘Blue Politics’ on Discord

    Bill Martin (SPGB) and Keith Knight (an anarcho-capitalist YouTuber)


    Good debate. I am not sure that the anarcho-capitalist had come debated anyone before arguing against the existence of the coercive State and for voluntary agreement like him but also against the capitalist economic system of production for the market with a view to profit. But he must surely have come across others calling themselves anarchists who take up this position.

    Of course the anarcho-capitalists start from the assumption that the right to property derives from someone having paid for something out of their earnings from work. But, as Bill pointed out, production today is not individual but a collective effort involving all those involved in producing something (ultimately everybody who works); on the argument that the right to property derives from work this would justify socialism as common ownership and from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. Not that this is an argument that we use since, as Bill also pointed out, we don’t argue in terms of “rights”. But it is one anarcho-capitalists have to answer but can’t.


    To be honest, ALB, i wasn’t a fan of the format of this “debate”

    Keith was permitted to steer and direct the debate the way he wished to go

    Keith first making a comment and Bill replying and Keith responding…almost like two bites at the cherry.

    He was quizzing Bill whereas he was exempt from a similar interrogation.



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