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    Lead story on the Guardian

    Picketty has the panacea for all Europes problems.


    The plan, crafted by more than 50 economists, historians and former politicians from half a dozen countries, includes huge levies on multinationals, millionaires and carbon emissions to generate funds to tackle the most urgent issues of the day, including poverty, migration, climate change and the EU’s so-called democratic deficit.

    The money would be overseen by a new European assembly consisting mostly of national politicians and some MEPs. While the assembly would be in touch with EU institutions, it would sit outside EU treaties and have the final word on spending.

    Richard Corbett, Labour’s leader in the European parliament, said the manifesto appeared to reinvent the wheel.



    More like creating a new carriage on the political gravy train …..



    What a joke ! Fifty renowned reformists draw up “a bold new blueprint” proposing an impracticable reform to capitalism and we’re supposed to take them seriously. As if “huge levies” on the profits of capitalist firms wouldn’t lead to them cutting back on their investment in production, leading to an economic downturn during which the problems the “left-leaning” reformists  set out to solve would get worse.

    The time and energy that would be needed to get majority political support to implement this doomed plan would be better spent on working to win over a majority to socialism as a society based on common ownership and democratic control with production directly to meet people’s needs instead of, as now, for sale on a market with a view to profit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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