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Karl Kautsky

Party News: Party Notes

 According to a writer in the South London Mail for July 13, a young man on Clapham Common said he had endeavoured to become a member of the S.P.G.B., but, in consequence of his being a Christian, he was refused admission.

This is a case where the writer, if he desires to do us justice, should produce his “young man." There are no “religions tests" applied to candidates for membership of this Party. All that is asked of them is their signature to our Declaration of Principles, after which their conduct must lie in strict accordance therewith or they must leave the Party.

*    *    *    *

Last month we referred to a challenge issued by Mr. H. S. Wishart to delate the policy of the S.P.G.B. This gentleman, who is a prominent member of the Woolwich I.L.P. and chief local apologist for Mr. Will Crooks, M.P., now writes as under:—

200, Lakedale Road.
7 July, 1906.
Wm. Gifford.

Editorial: The Russian Invasion of Finland

Nemesis Overtakes Bolshevism

 When Russian troops invaded Finland the official excuse put forward by Molotov in a broadcast reproduced by the Daily Worker (December 1st, 1939) was that the “ only purpose of our measures is to ensure the security of the Soviet Union, and especially Leningrad." He repudiated annexationist aims, laid the blame on the “unfriendly” Finnish Government, and discovered provocative acts, “including even artillery firing on our troops." He did not deny that the Russian Government was demanding concessions from Finland, but put against these the offer of certain territory in exchange.

Book Review: 'Social Democracy Versus Communism'

'Social Democracy Versus Communism', by Karl Kautsky (Rand School of Social Science. New York)

Book Review: About Books

The newcomer to the study of Marxian economics frequently finds that Marx's own works are rather heavy going. He searches around for books by other authors who may be able to propound Marx's theories in a more easily readable form. Unfortunately, during the past eighty years, there have been many who have sought to simplify Marx or to tell the world what, in their opinion, Marx really meant. The total product of their labours would justify Marx in demanding to be saved from his friends,

If the student is determined to approach his studies through the medium of second-hand interpretations of the theories, we can save him much wasted time by directing him to the soundest of the books on the subject.

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