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John Ruskin

Book Reviews: 'William Morris. His Life, Work and Friends', & 'Political Writings of William Morris'

Revolutionary Art & Socialism

'William Morris. His Life, Work and Friends', by Philip Henderson. Penguin. 90p.
'Political Writings of William Morris', ed. by A. L. Morton. Lawrence and Wishart. £1.

William Morris 1834-1896

"A life in which every human being should find unrestricted scope for his best powers and faculties."

John Ruskin, 1819-1900: A Socialist Perspective

John Ruskin, primarily remembered today as an art and architectural critic, was hugely influential amongst the labour movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His influence was acknowledged by William Morris, and a poll of the Independent Labour Party, in the first decade of the twentieth century placed Ruskin as the most important figure of influence in the membership.

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