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Editorial: Neither London nor Brussels, but World Socialism

NO WEALTH is produced in The City. It is a place where the proceeds of working-class exploitation transformed into rights to a property income are the subject of trading, speculation and gambling. Around this has grown up a whole range of “financial services” – wheelers and dealers of one kind or another – vying for a share. In short, it is entirely parasitic on those parts of the world economy where wealth is actually produced by those working there.

Greasy Pole: Who said it first?

Greasy Pole

A few years ago Joe Biden fancied himself as the next president of the United States but his candidature came to an abrupt end when it was discovered that he had repeated word-for-word parts of a speech by Neil Kinnock. we can assume that Biden was not penalised because he lifted someone else's words but because it was clear that anyone who thought Kinnock even said anything worth repeating must be too mad to be trusted in the White House.

This sordid incident came to mind last month when William Hague was accused of pirating parts of speeches made by Tony Blair and in his turn charged Blair with lifting phrases from John Major (which would be even more insane than plagiarising Neil Kinnock). In what seemed a leaked version of a speech he intended to make in Australia, Hague was to have said:

"We can say to the elderly person who is afraid to go out at night for fear of being attacked--we are on your side."

Editorial: Which way is the "Third Way"?

According to figures released last month, Britain's economy is moving away from its EU "partners" and towards the US. The Guardian, reporting on the figures provided by Eurostat-the official statistical arm of the EU -pointed out that the US in 1997 invested twice as much in Britain as in the rest of the EU and that two-thirds of all EU investment in the US came from Britain. As a result "it is more integrated into the global economy than the rest of Europe" (5 August).

Indeed, as the pro and anti factions of the capitalist class declare their hands, this can only give succour to the "Eurosceptics'" case that Britain's future lies outside any further European integration and particularly the single European currency.

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