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Catholic church

Book Review: He Believed

A fundamental human desire is to be correct, and in the quest for this correctness a man may be forced perhaps several times to reconsider and revise his opinions. To do otherwise, to hang on to outworn ideas out of misplaced loyalty or pride is sheer dishonesty and frequently a forerunner of dogmatism. At the same time it is wise for an individual perceiving a flaw in his ideas to elucidate the facts of both his old position and the new and examine them carefully lest he finds himself jumping straight out of the frying pan into the fire; or as in the case of Douglas Hyde, out of the Kremlin and into the Vatican.

Editorial: The Churches versus Socialism

 There is a stirring in the ranks of the Churchmen. They are interesting themselves in social problems. They are, or so we are told, coming nearer to Socialism, or at least they are being “enlightened” and “progressive” and adopting “advanced” social reforms. For proof we are referred to the recent declaration by the Catholic Archbishops and to the Archbishop of York’s Conference at Malvern. Where then do the Churches stand to the major issue of our age, the struggle between Capitalism and Socialism? Do they fight with Socialists for the abolition of private ownership of the means of production and distribution and for the ending of the class system under which human labour-power is a commodity bought and sold? Or do they stand openly for capitalism? Truth to tell, they don’t do either. They are definitely and flatly against Socialism, but they never avow themselves frankly supporters of capitalism.

The Balkans and the Black International

 The curtain will soon be going down on the first act of the International Tragedy; the second will commence with the spring. So far the pace has been slow, the actors have not been sure of their lines, but we may expect the show to become more lively as the performers become more familiar with their parts.

 The Balkans are looked upon as the setting of the next episode, though circumstances may induce the producers to suddenly change their minds. Russia certainly did not anticipate the delay in her "Santa Claus" operations to which she has been compelled to submit, and her frantic efforts to extricate herself clearly indicate she has an engagement elsewhere which she wants to fulfil on time.

Book Review: "The Papacy and Fascism"

The Papacy and Fascism by F. A. Ridley (Secker & Warburg, 6s.)

The above is the title of a book by F. A. Ridley (published by Secker & Warburg at 6s.), which is, as the paper wrapper correctly states, “An analysis of the role of the Papacy through history up to and including the present day.”

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