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Party News

The Socialist Party stood two candidates in the election to the Greater London Assembly on 3 May. Here are the results:

Lambeth and Southwark: Labour, 83,239; Conservative, 30,537; Liberal Democrat, 18,359; Green Party, 18,144; UKIP, 4,395; Socialist (Danny Lambert), 2,938 (1.9%).

Merton and Wandsworth: Conservative, 65,197; Labour, 55,216; Liberal Democrat, 11,904; Green Party, 11,307; UKIP, 3,717; Independent, 2,424; Socialist (Bill Martin), 1,343 (0.9%).

The on-line London magazine, the Big Smoke, did a video interview with our candidate in Lambeth and Southwark which can be seen here:

Readers may be interested to note that the party virtually doubled its percentage vote in Lambeth and Southwark compared to four years ago when we last stood there.