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Obituary: Charles Sundberg

Charlie Sundberg, who died last year, was the last of the generation of members of the World Socialist Party of Australia who were active in the Melbourne area in the 1930s and 1940s.


The Socialist Parly of Australia (as it was then called) had a considerable impact within the working-class movement in Victoria during this period, being the scourge of the so-called Communist Party in the trade unions as well as at outdoor meetings. It was therefore particularly unjust that the name ‘Socialist Party of Australia’ should have been stolen (and unfortunately retained) by the pro-Chinese section of the CP in the 1970s.


Born well before the first world war the son of Swedish immigrants to Australia. Charlie Sundberg was a skilled craftsman in the engineering industry. He wrote and debated for the Party under the name of “Charles Saunders”. Those who have a stereotype of what vegetarians are like will be surprised to learn that he was one. When the history of the SPA/WSPA comes to be written he will have his place.