Party News: Socialist sound in Plymouth

Probably for the first time in the Party’s history, a meeting was held in Plymouth. On 18 November, at the invitation of the Plymouth Fabian Society, Comrade C. May addressed an audience of 25 on the subject — What is Socialism? The invitation had been arranged by a member of North West London Branch who lives in the area. Many of the audience were members of the Labour Party, one of whom still clung to the idea that the 1945 Attlee Labour Government was the best socialist government we have ever had. The question and discussion period was extremely lively, with points about human nature, reforms, incentive, and yes, even religion well aired. It was obvious that the SPGB concept of socialism was new to Plymouth.

On the previous day, Comrade May had an hour’s interview on BBC Radio Devon. This station covers the whole of Devon and Cornwall and many aspects of the Party case were discussed.