Obituary: Comrade R. Milbourne

OBITUARY: Comrade R. Milbourne

We regret to have to report the recent death of Comrade R. Milbourne at the age of 69 years. He was the son of a very early member of the party, the late Comrade Alley.

He was known to Party members as early as 1919 but his work took him to Turkey for several years and it was not until soon after his return to this country that he joined the party in 1931 along with his brother.

He then worked for Air France and his knowledge of French was put to good use in translations for the party and in publicity. For many years he worked indefatigably on publicity for the Party and in getting the socialist standard and pamphlets on display in Public Libraries. He also wrote for the socialist standard.

In later years, owing to domestic difficulties, he was less able to attend Head Office but he never lost his lively interest in Party activities. Latterly he was a member of West London Branch.

(Socialist Standard, January 1970