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Party News Briefs

Westminster Branch have just concluded a series of four ‘teach-ins’ on Marxian Economics at the Royal Oak, York Street, W.1; these were very successful in every way. Comrade D’Arcy took three of the sessions, dealing with Capital, Wages. Value, Commodities, Banking, Finance, Houses, etc. and Comrade Hardy rounded off the series dealing largely with Taxation. In all over 100 members and sympathisers attended the four sessions. It was a new venture in Party Education, as many members are unable to attend a course running over many weeks which is a feature of our usual classes. Questions and points in discussion were thrown in at all times, and one member was heard to remark ‘Ive never found economics so interesting before”. The Branch have a series of Lectures and Discussions arranged up to the end of October. Full details under ‘Meetings’ columns.