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    Question. Since the Occupy London team have recently taken over a disused UBS office complex in Hackney (which they are calling the “Bank of Ideas”) why can’t the SPGB get some real ideas flowing and organise public meetings/debates in there? I walked up to Blythswood Sq in Glasgow recently to talk to the “Occupy Glasgow” team and listening to them reminded me of various videos I have watched of “Speakers” from the Zeitgeist movement.

                Basically they don’t have a fuckin clue what they are talking about even when it comes to the consensus that Capitalism needs to go. For instance I watched a video of a recent Zeitgeist “Townhall” meeting in Vancouver with two young inarticulate guys trying to explain the TZM position then I viewed the entire video of a Richard Headicar talk about the Labour Party and the A-Bomb. No comparison. What can I say? Listening to Headicar was like caviar for the senses. 

                TZM is bad enough but the occupy crowd are hopelessly confused…just like our entire class. ONLY THE SPGB/WSM CAN HELP THESE PEOPLE!  Since the entire occupy movement is now in danger of facing real dissaray due to winter hiberbation and mass evictions from the state then now is the time to grab the opportunity to take the SPGB case to these folk indoors…and who has better experience of indoor and outdoor speaking than party members? Idea…how about a meeting titled along the lines of “What is to be done”…maybe better to leave the word “Socialism” out of the equation for a first meeting?. PLEASE think about this when you are at the lit stall on Sunday. For fuck sake get in there before the arsehole leftists do! Forgive my french! Yours for World Socialism Cheers Raymond

    Ozymandias wrote:

     Are you a member?  If not, why not?  We desperately need folk like you!

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