Not from Canada?

Where you happen to live is not a problem for us.

The Socialist Party of Canada concentrates its efforts on Canada. Not for nationalistic reasons, but because the current system is organized politically on a national basis and it is through democratic elections that socialists plan to mandate the eventual change to socialism.

Although organized as national parties, the World Socialist Movement has always maintained that socialism cannot exist in one country and must be created on a world scale. It doesn't matter to us where you live, because socialism is a worldwide movement.

Worldwide capitalism affects you wherever you live. Learning about, and working to establish socialism, isn't restricted by national boundaries.

The World Socialist Movement has Companion Parties and contacts in several countries and if you live in one of those countries, you may find it better to contact the Companion Party in the nation in which you live.

The advantage to you, in dealing with the national Companion Party, is that their packages are likely to be better directed (both by content and language) to people in that country. The advantage for the Socialist Party of Canada is that work and costs are spread around.

However, the Socialist Party of Canada will send its free introductory literature package (of over 25 leaflets) to any postal address in the world.

Contact the Socialist Party of Canada for free literature.