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Welcome aboard

The World Socialist Movement (or WSM) consists of working class people who have organised themselves democratically with one objective; to bring about a complete change in world society. Although small, we are made up of companion parties and groups in several countries.

The WSM is a global socialist movement that believes capitalism cannot meet the needs of the majority of us, the workers (or proletariat) of the world, no matter how progressive it might become in the future.

To meet these needs we contend, capitalism must be replaced by socialism.


Everybody in the WSM has equal value and equal power. Real democracy is fundamental to socialists. The revolutionary transformation of society must be brought about by the will of the great majority of the people if it is to succeed.

  • We have no leaders.
  • Every member can take part in making decisions.
  • Our democracy works both locally and party-wide.
  • All our meetings are open to the public.
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