Happy New Year

We wish all our web visitors a Happy New Year.

We very much wish them that but at the present time, the signs of the coming new year being happy are none too hopeful.

 At the dawn of another new year, it is fitting that we look backwards at the past. 2021 was the year in which the world crises of capitalism continued unabated.

The world was shaken by a pandemic, climate change and wars. 2022 bodes to be much the same. These crises have highlighted the fact that the ruling class are unable and unwilling to provide for the needs of working people.

While many have been carrying on the class struggle in their daily lives, we have nonetheless been steadily losing ground.

Why is it that the potential majority for world change, the proverbial 99%, are still working in relative isolation from one another?

Why aren’t we joining the dots and bringing together the full power of our class into a single-focused movement for the revolutionary transformation of production and distribution so that all the fruits of the world can be shared by all of the world? 

Why aren’t we united and up in arms against catastrophic global warming, resource depletion, endless war and mass starvation?

How is it possible that tens of thousands of organisations and millions of environmental and justice-minded individuals have been thwarted by the privileged few?

Let our New Year resolution be to strive to build the World Socialist Movement and to hasten the Revolution. We will raise the red flag, sing the “Internationale” and celebrate the establishment of a free and humane society in the next new year. Let us show that our ideas are more than just ideas but a practical feasible future. Let us then stand together and enter the new year shoulder-to-shoulder.

Our demands are most moderate – we only want the Earth.

Best wishes for the New Year to all our class, and the liberation of humanity as a whole.