The Problem is Not the Tories … it’s Capitalism

The problem is not Austerity… that’s just a turn of the screw. We have always been rationed by the size of our pay cheque and the poor have always been poor. It used to Soup Kitchens; now it’s Food Banks. Meanwhile the rich go on getting richer. We can’t hope to end poverty and inequality – whether in Britain or throughout the planet – until we get rid of production of wealth for the exclusive profit of a few.

The problem is not Trident… it’s war. Getting rid of Trident makes barely a dent in the global killing machine fuelled by capitalism’s wars over our bosses’ markets and resources. A campaign against Trident alone leaves the cause of war –capitalism – untouched.

The problem is not Zero-Hours Contracts … it’s wage-slavery. Unions should fight for the best deal they can get. But let’s not kid ourselves that the system of employment can ever be geared to our needs..