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    Hello to everyone, just joined.
    I’ve been watching this forum on and off for a few months and thought, why not get in there.
    I used to be a member of the SPGB North East branch going back a few years. I had been exposed to the party in my early teens by my dad who was friends with a party member (both miners).
    I joined mid nineties after my younger brother died, as a result of NHS negligence and cost cutting.
    I was twenty five and angry and wanted to do something, get active. I ended up joining, encouraged by a local party member who is now a very good friend.
    My point is that I spent two years in the branch, writing letters, talking with people, helping to contest a few elections. While there were some hard working individuals, I felt the majority were content simply to be in a social club where like minded “revolutionaries” swapped complaints about capitalism and lamented the good old days when they had more members etc.
    I often felt hindered when trying to put forward ideas for promotional activities, but got no alternatives from my critics.
    I ended up drifting away from the party, as I expect many do. I still consider myself a socialist and put the case forward when I find it warranted.
    I agree that the party approach needs updating, and that far too much time is devoted to fruitless argument with left wing groups.
    If I come up with any suggestions I will post them on this forum.
    Hope to chat with you lot soon.

Viewing 1,441 post (of 1,441 total)