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    The longer Trump does not concede and the more his claims of fraud is spread, i think the more chance that there will be faithless electors in the Electoral College.

    Perhaps that is game-play…to win the College…mere idle speculation by myself


    Philadelphia court rejected five appeals filed by Trump campaign, they did not have any valid evidence of fraud

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    Susan Rice Secretary of State and Michele Flournoy Secretary of Defence. The question is: Are they going to be approved by the US Senate or is Joe Biden skipping the Senate as Trump did? There was a minister elected by Trump who was not approved by the Senate and he emitted an order against  DACA and a judge considered invalid because he was not nominated by the Senate

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    The allegations for fraud presented in one court was that some dead peoples voted in the election and it was proven that the dead peoples were alive. The Republican elected one man that was already dead, and the owner of a prostitution house was elected, next time they should vote for Donald Trump grandfather who was running a prostitution ring. This election is a real mess, it sounds like the problematics of a third world country

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    Michael Cohen ex-Trump personal attorney said that he knows that he lost the election but he does not want to accept that he has been defeated. He will not attend Joe Biden inauguration and he will leave toward Florida

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    If they stop the counting of votes the candidate with the higher amount of electoral college is the winner. I do not think he is going to succeed in any one of his attempts, even more, his attorney gave up the case and several judges have asked them to provide evidence and they said that they do not have it, how are they going to continue the process of discovery with the opposite side when they do not have any evidence?  The other side might file a motion to strike, and also the Biden team has more available funds than Trump funds, they are running out of money. They have a very weak case, as well the case for Obamacare is weak too, and the supreme court is not going to hear a case without solid evidence if they appeal to a higher court. His ex-lawyer said that he will leave to Florida and he will never come back because he does not want to face defeat but he has several cases pending in New York and they want to take all his properties, as well his lenders want to file a claim to take his property



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    That march in Washington DC is going to spread more infections of Covid 19 and more deaths, at the present time there are hospital who do not have any more beds, they do not have more ventilators, they do not have enough doctors and nurses, and they do not have enough medical supplies in some hospitals they are using the maintenance rooms and the storage room for the patients if they situation continued increasing patients are going to be placed on the floors on in camping beds, and like in Italy they would be forced to get doctors from others countries

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    Make America Rake Again. How are they going to make a total or a partial recount when their campaign funds have been spent and they owe money and they do not have funds to pay the debt? Some of their old donors do not want to give money to a loser. Some sectors of the USA capitalists have a new CEO to run their corporation

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    The march for freedom and job was bigger than the MAGA march, and the Barrack Obama inauguration was bigger than the MAGA march too. This crow is mixed with pro-Trump and pro-Biden, we do not know how is who

    His nieces Mary L Trump  said that he will not come back in 2024 because he is not going to face another defeat

    That is not a crow of one million peoples as the White House has claimed

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    The Law Firm which represented Donald Trump is stepping back on his fraud electoral case, they left him as the Lone Ranger

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    Ceaseless Self-Movement: Dunayevskaya’s Interpretation of the Dialectic of the Absolute

    According to these intellectuals ( who also unify materialism with idealism and vice-versa ), you must understand Hegel mysticism and Hegel Mumble Jumble to understand Marx, and Marx capital, it would be  like studying pre-law or pre-medicine to become a lawyer or a medical doctor, and there are some countries and university who do not require that prerequisite

    The thing is that most works of Hegel are written in German and English, and they are difficult to be found in other languages and you must depend on second hands sources, and I do not think that Karl Marx depended on Hegel to write capital. Many years ago I learned a lesson from a member of this party and it was that we can not depend on second hands, and it was in the case of Feuerbach which forced more to read his works directly from his own writings, but Feuerbach is totally different to Hegel because he was a materialist philosopher, he was not an idealist philosopher

    This intellectual who is an academic and an economist said that it was difficult for him to understand Hegel, what about the simple workers of a factory, or agriculture workers? Do they have to spend their whole life studying Hegel to understand that they are exploited and that capitalism is an exploitative system, they do not even need to read capital to understand that either? There is also a book about the negation of the negation ( negativity )  which is very difficult to be understood, do we have to read it to understand Marx and Engels? I do not think so

    The best way to understand Marx is by reading his works, Engels was very popular because of the simplistic of his writing style. If anybody does not have too much free time to read their works, the library of a university known as the SPGB/WSM is more than enough to understand them.

    Robbo wrote an article on Marx concept of the labour law of value which is a good compendium of this concept and it was written in simple term, as well the book written by Adam on the alternative to capitalism is another good choice to understand Marx economic writing

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    I don’t guide myself by statistic I guide myself by medical principles and this is a very serious disease and peoples are approving politicians instead of the medical sciences

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    There aré rumors that joe Biden might nominate Hillary Clinton as ambassador for the United Nations It was published on a Spanish newspaper from new york

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    This Trump ex-advisor has said that the number of troops in Syria is higher than the number of troops that Donald Trump has always said.

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    It would be like at the beginning of the Barrack Obama government the attorney Ralph Nader asked: Is he going to be working for the Uncle Sam or for the Uncle Tom?

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    Probably, he will be enacting many executive orders. That is what Obama did on his second term

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