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    Qanon has several branches in Russia and all of them support Putin, therefore, anybody who supports Putin is also supporting the reactionaries theories of that ultra right group, and there are many so called leftwing and socialists/communists groups who also support Putin

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    This is one of the best historian on the bourgeoisie revolution of Haiti, then follow by Gerald Horne. CLR James is one of the few ex-Trotskyist who knew that the Soviet Union was a state capitalism economy, he rejected the concept of the vanguard party, but he was not able to distance himself completely from Leninism. One part of a totality is not enough, it is the same stand of the left communists Gerald Horne is heavily influence by the politic of identity

    It is sad that the group from Jamaica who held the same principles of the WSM/SPGB was not able to continue, it was a total rebuttal of Castroism/Guevarism and Stalinism/Leninism. It has been the only group who knew the real definition of socialism/communism

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    The writer of that article uses the expression Money like it falls from the sky. Probably, he/she should be talking about original accumulation of capital or surplus values which comes from the sweat shop of the Russian working class and the sweat of the working class of other countries.

    War expenses are paid from the surplus of the capitalist class which is the financer of the state, but it impose a heavy financial burden on the state and some states can not afford it for a long time which was the case of the Soviet Union when the USA forced them to spend excessive amount of surplus value on armaments, and then Rusia was up for sale, hunger, misery, unemployment spread like a disease

    The Soviet Union had more resources, more wages slaves, more territories, more diversified production, more speheres of influences, more world market, more world supporter and it had an implosion, it might be the same case for Russia, that is the main purpose of the USA ruling class

    Who Pays for the War?

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    Wagner Groups is just Putin private army. There have been private corporations in Asia who have had their own private army. According to the left wingers definition of fascists/nazis they are also a fascist/nazi organization in the same manner that the left-wingers call Blackwater a fascist organization, therefore, in Ukraine they are nazis who are fighting against other nazis financed by another Nazis known as Vladimir Putin, and our resident KGB agent is just another Nazi

    Russia’s Wagner Group Doesn’t Actually Exist

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    Wagner groups is a mercenary army integrated by Paramilitary, the left-winger criticize the Colombian paramilitary but they applaud the Russian paramilitaries, and Wagner also has employed some paramilitaries from Colombia and Chile, it is a double standard.

    They have an office in argentina in order to recruits poor unemployed workers from Latin America like its USA counterpart.

    The Russian army provide armaments to them because they are an extension of the Russian army despite the fact that they are ilegal in Russia.

    Corruption run in both sides.

    The USA is questioning the disappearance of some advanced technological weapons, and they think that they have fallen in the hands of the Russian army or Wagner groups

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    It is pure bourogise nationalism and patriotism. It was used by the USA and the Soviet Union to propagate their own nationalism. American football which is a violent game produce mental diseases to the player, and the medical doctor who diagnosed the brain disease they tried to kill him . Some birds have shock absorber in their cranium, but we do not have shock absorber CTE

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    ““Liberate” people by reducing them to penury.”

    The Nazis in Kiev with their NATOstani backers started this war. Russia is only finishing it. Lesson to be learned, don’t start wars.

    This statement sounds like Barrack Obama who said that warships bombarding Lybia was not an invasion, so according to this brilliant historian the Ukraine army was the one who invaded themselves with tanks and troops.

    This was a trap or an ambush that the USA launched to Russia like they did in Kuwait and Putin bit the bait

    This is the guy that wants to give lectures to us and does not know that the root of wars is market, and even more, Lenin said that peace is the continuation of wars by other means, which means he has not read Lenin pamphlet on wars.

    The end of the market system, is the end of all wars. We have a pamphlet that explains all that, we do not need lecturers

    None of the capitalist gangster involved in this war from both sides do not want peace, they want the continuation of the war, and each one has their own particular capitalist interests, and they do not care about the suffering of the workers on both sides, this is an imperialist war like any other capitalist war, and in some way the USA capitalists class have obtained one of its purpose which was to avoid the continuation of China Silk Road, and to sell energetic commodities to Europe, and to increase the production and sales of armaments

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    “Now, Ukraine will be reduced to a parking lot, its people to penury.” (TS)

    Makes you happy, eh?

    “Liberate” people by reducing them to penury.

    Adolf Hitler is a Boy Scout, even more, there are some historic passages which indicate that some German general did not want to bomb Paris, and when London was bombed was a mistake made by a German pilot and the British retaliated and Hitler was surprised about the bombings. According to the leftwihgs definition, we have a Nazis in the room who supports Vladimir Putin another Nazis

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    TS “Ukraine will be reduced to a parking lot”

    I see that you do use metaphors.

    Or do i take you literally?

    It is the same expression used by a right wingers known as Ted Cruz who also asked for carpet bombing for Iraq, Iran, Syria and north Korea The left wingers call him a fascist. If you read the commentaries made by the left-wingers on RT you will think that you are reading the newspaper of Germany under the Nazis.

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    It is the opposite way and it is logical, this war has increased the production and sales of armaments, this is a gold mine opportunity for the arms dealers, the USA is the number one arms dealers in the whole world. Weapons are not for exhibition they must be used and they have to be replaced. Some countries like Poland have purchased used tanks from the USA because the USA armed forces are getting more modern ones

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    Are you referring to my message on Gandhi?

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    It is he same mythology about Nelson Mandela. There was a black bourgeoise also in South Africa

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    Just a big one is enough to destroy everything. They are collecting weapons in order to scare each other. If they destroy all human beings and nature, how are they are going to produce more profits and more capital ?

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