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    Any country that challenges the world hegemony of the USA will always find oppositions from the USA ruling class, and they will look for all kinds of pretext to detain its economic expansion. Nothing new

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    The kings of Egypt ( I do not call them Pharaoh ) knew the importance of the Nile River

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    I was reading that a member of the USA house of Representatives said that the Green Deal is a Communist manifesto. In the USA 99.9% of the peoples do not have a clue of what socialism/communism really is

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    They are like Donald Trump medical doctors who said that he was in good health or the doctor who signed JFK autopsy

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    The socialist party of Puerto Rico is like any bourgeoise nationalist organization Their program is to build a capitalist republic

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    The problem with these Anarchist groups and personality is that they propagate the idea that Marxism and Leninism are both the same and that they are compatible. Before these groups gave an opinion about Vietnam the SPGB had already indicated that it was only a nationalist movement and we never supported the Vietcong and the so-called Vietnamese socialism

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    They just want to present it as a racial and ethnic problem when it is a class issue. More whites are killed by the police than Blacks, and Latinos, and Asians, and most of them are poor and members of the working class

    The legal verdict against a policeman ( and employee of the capitalist state ) will not resolve the class issues of the USA society, and racism has a class origin, and race is a sociological concept, it is the ruling class who wants to spread racial ( color of the skin ) division, separation, and hates among the members of the working class, and it is going to be used as a pretext to pacify the discontent among the working class.

    Barrack Obama is a mixed person and he killed more human beings than any other members of any ethnic group, the secretary of defense is a black man and he is following the same route as his prior secretaries of defense, and Collin Powell, and Condoleeza Rice were the same case, and he was part of the killing in Central America.

    Ethnicism and racism is a capitalist trap for the working class

    PS Many Asian peoples have been attacked and assaulted by blacks and Latinos. There are more crimes among whites than within other ethnic groups

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    The root of our problems in the whole world is capitalism and the police system is part of the capitalist state which is the superstructure of the capitalist economy. We will never liberate ourselves thru the legal system which is also part of the capitalist structure

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    Raúl Castro should be called the head of the nationalist party of cuba like his brother Fidel Castro which was also a bourgeoise nationalist like Cardenas, Perón and Sandino.

    Socialism in one country is a fallacy created by the Bolshevik and revolution made by an individual or a guerrilla fighter is another distortion made by the left and it also contradicts the materialist conception of history

    Cuba is a capitalist country like any other capitalist country which exists in Latin America including Venezuela

    The economical failures of cuba and Venezuela can not be blamed on socialism but in the capitalist mode of production headed by a capitalist state and capitalist leaders

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    Our article why Socialists oppose the Vietcong was totally correct:

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    Well, that is the lesser evil approved by many left-wingers and now they are looking for all kinds of excuses. They are unprincipled. We have been on the correct side for more than 100 years

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    The American Association of Psychologists approved all the tortures made in Iraq and Guantanamo The doctors who treated Donald Trump lied about his health conditions

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    That is what some individuals call a communist newspaper. Probably, they have not read the Socialist Standard to understand what a real socialist/communist newspaper is. The New York Time is just another mouthpiece of the USA ruling elite

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