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    Fillibuster is just another vestige of the slavery and racist system as it is the second amendment ( only white peoples were allowed to arm themselves ) and the electoral college. For decades the USA Senate has tried to limit the votes and the rights of the ethnic minorities, and Joe Manchin is also opposing the elimination of this Senate rule. There always has been a backward reactionary who have opposed any rules which will benefit the blacks peoples or other minorities group. Nothing new Fillibuster rules ( which is not constitutional ) has always being used to block any progressive agenda which might benefit the black peoples, it is just another racist and reactionary rule implemented during 1800, it is part of the long history of the USA slavery legacy.

    Originally the Democratic Party was the political institution of the slaveholder, the slaves’ merchants and the KKK, and then they started to wear a new mask, and now they are presenting themselves as the party of all peoples

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    He is just playing the game for his future re-election by having support from Republican voters he also supported trump on several issues.
    Most USA politicians just work for their continuous reelection.

    In other countries, the idea is a new president a new cabinet but some of these politicians spent 40 and 50 years in the same post making money

    The USA Senate is just a cave of reactionaries and right-wingers who will stop anything that will benefit the majority of the peoples to please their rich financiers.

    DC statehood will allow black voters to participate in the electoral process and the Republicans are trying to suppress the votes of the minorities in all different states because they want to win the next election, and then they talk about democracy and people’s powers.

    The 15 dollars federal minimum wage will benefit many members of the minority groups who are employed by federal contractors, Manchin is just an agent of the rich financiers, and the right-winger democrats and right-winger republicans

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    The polices are also members of the working class, they are employees of the state. They must also take a class and socialist consciousness in order to create a post-capitalist society

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    That nationalist slogan exists since 1933 and it started during the presidency of Hoover. The same thing as Make America Great Again used by Alexander Wiley in 1940, Barry Goldwater in 1964, Ronald Regan in 1980, Bill Clinton in 1992, Donald Trump in 2016. The same old bourgeoise crap

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    Peoples talk a lot about freedom, but there are some countries where the police are not allowed to be stationed at schools and universities, and students will not allow that at some university because they have autonomy, and they have their own governing body and the students are part of that, all US universities do not have autonomy, and the police are stationed at all universities and they have military training schools known as ROTC These young peoples are educated to kill other human beings

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    There are many concepts that apparently were developed or created by Lenin, but historically they were developed by other personalities and political groups, the vanguard party concept and to control workers from the top comes from the Jacobin and Ferdinand Lasalle, and it already existed within the Second International and it was propagated by Karl Kautsky, the concept of imperialism come from Hobson, Hifelding, and Nikolai Bukharin, as well the concept of communism in one country and state capitalism

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    This is a world society based on Legal and illegal crime

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    There are some Leninists who do not support the vanguard party concept, one of them is the Marxist Humanists, and some of them do not support everything that Lenin laid down, one of them is the International Communist Current

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    Since the very beginning of her appointment, we said that she was going to jump into the wagon of the capitalist class. That is what our Trotskyist in the forum would call Pepsi Cola socialists and we are the Champagne socialists because we do not support any leader

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    That is the concept of Mens Rea or the guilty mind of Criminal Law. No human being is born with a guilty or criminal mind, most of our behaviors are learned and this society affects the mind of human beings, and those institutions like the police forces and the army train human beings to act against their own nature. Thousands of human beings have been mentally affected by the horrors of wars

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    I know that

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    What contradictions? I am not a member of those places

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    In Vietnam exists what the leadership calls Market socialism, they have not done their homework yet because socialism/communism would be a world society without a market, therefore, what really prevails in that society is pure capitalism like in Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. Tito in Yugoslavia also called it Market socialism

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    These books written by Economists or outside sources must be read very carefully because most of the times they distort Marx economic conceptions, it is like Richard Wolf who wrote a book about socialism and Marx economics and it sounds like Robert Owen and the concept of the social democrats, as well, Harvey has distorted Marx capital

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    They are keeping many policies that were implemented by Donald Trump, they are like Barrack Obama who continuing many policies implemented by George Bush

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