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    In Argentina, workers had more social benefits than the USA workers and most reforms were passed by Domingo Peron who was considered to be a Nazis, and he expropriated many economical sectors of the country including telecommunication, transportation, education and the health system, and he did not want to support ww2 at the beginning he was neutral

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    You sound more like a supporter of Antifas than a Trotskyist and within that groups ( which is not an organized movement, or real anarchists  ) they have all kind of peoples including Anarco capitalist, and discontented republicans (similar to the Lincoln Project ) for them everything is fascism or nazism

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    in Europe, many workers have more social benefits than the USA workers, and many workers have workers union, in the USA workers unions have declined drastically, – ms

    True, largely b/c Europeans are more informed politically and exercise their right to vote.  They don’t throw away their ballot, as many on here are advocating.


    Wrong again, or you are lying, or you do not understand what we are saying,  nobody here has said to throw away the ballot, but to spoil the ballot, those are two different argumentations,  and also they were talking about the case of Argentina which is something different too,  and the statistics were published in this forum, and they used a different tactic. The SPGB participates in the election in England, and in the past, some members of the WSPUS voted for the SLP of America. We have a pamphlet about our principles on parliamentary election. You should read it

  What’s wrong with using parliament

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    The Exit polls are interesting:

    There is actually very little between the two candidates: Biden got more of the poorer voters (but not by an appreciable margin, compared to say, support among evangelicals [and Biden, a Catholic, was never going to score highly there]).  Obviously, among minority ethnicities, Biden massively outscored Trump, but, really, the only gap (and I think this probably overlaps with ethnicity a little) is between big cities and rural population (which, again, may correl


    They were expecting a landslide and it did not take place, on the contrary, Trump popularity increased, they rejected Trump, but they do not trust in the Democrats, the percentage of white women who voted for Trump also increased. Biden won due to the approval of the Latin American voters and the Afro Americans, and many of them did not vote for any one of the candidates. They lost some seats because several reactionaries democrats were replaced by other reactionaries republicans. The Democrat had more money than the Republicans and they spent more time  campaign in TV advertising but Republicans did door to door campaign

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    The only monster that we have in front of us is capitalism and it could be state capitalism or corporate capitalism – ms


    So in the meantime, let them starve, take away their health care etc?


    So if Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin, Pol Pot etc. were not monsters, what were they?


    Which health care? Don’t you know that Obamacare is a tax law? , It was published in this thread, and you did not read it.  If they remove the tax law the whole thing falls apart, and it is a provision passed mostly amended by Republican senators.

    Medicare is something different,  and the Democrats stopped the expansion of medicare, and Joe Biden has said that he will not approve anything related to medicare for all. When Roosevelt passed SS it was only a two-page law, Obama care is more than 1000 pages law  to provide more profits to the insurance companies

    The Republicans senators just want to remove the tax law to give a free ride to the insurance company, they do not want to remove the whole thing, the tax law affect peoples who fall within certain income bracket but it does not affect the insurance company, on the contrary, it produces high profits for them, even more, the biggest salary is earned by the CEO of the insurance and health system.

    The supreme court is not going to remove it either, even if they have elected Donald Trump, before starting the argumentation they said that they were not going to remove it either. The precedent known as Separated but Equal was removed by a bunch of reactionaries judges and magistrates in the Supreme Court, and only one liberal and the president in that time was a reactionary Republican and a  warmonger

    The state is an institution financed with surplus-value called taxes, and most taxes are paid by the capitalist class

    Those are not monsters, those are leaders of the capitalist society, Lenin and Trotsky they were monsters too, and most of the president of the USA starting with George Washington they were monsters too. Trotsky was a despot when he was in charge of the Red Army and workers preferred Stalin instead of him, Lenin and Trotsky were the first commissars who ordered the killing of workers when they opposed the Bolsheviks

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    If we count all the young peoples who did not vote, and the followers of Bernie Sanders who did not vote either, we can say that the USA has more than 100 millions of Fascists and Nazis, more Fascists and Nazists that Italy and Germany combined.- ms

    People who are ill-informed about their actions are not fascists.  They are just stupid, like yourself.  In fact, by not voting in 2016 they put the trump crime syndicate in power, and you’re suggesting that was a good idea?  How foolish can you be?


    I have enough arguments to knock you down, you are not an ideological or academic threat either. You are not an analyst or a political critiquer,  we have asked you several questions and you have not answered any of them, instead of answering them you just attack the messenger, and when we do that it is a clear indication that the other person does not have the proper knowledge and argumentation and there is a syndrome which explains that too. Fascism is not lack of information, Germany was the most advanced and educated country in Europe and they elected the Nazis, as well Italy was the cultural centre of Europe and they elected the Fascists, both concepts are form adopted by capitalism which influenced the minds of the Italians and the German workers based on extreme nationalism. Most peoples in this forum they  have dedicated their lives to the cause of the working class for many years, they are not amateurs and they are not foolish either


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    you are really supporting the bourgeoise class -ms

    Voting per se doesn’t mean we support the bourgeoisie, just b/c a socialist isn’t on the ballot, especially when the potential for an extreme party/individual to inflict great harm is about to win.  As a socialist, you should do everything in your power to stop a monster, and that means voting against him or her.


    That is not the vocabulary of a so-called Trotskyist when you are using an expression of the peoples who do not know anything about politic. Socialists used socialists expression, monster is an expression used by the leaders of the Republican and Democratic party. The aim of socialist is not to win, it is to create a post-capitalist society, we do not compete with the capitalist class. The only monster that we have in front of us is capitalism and it could be state capitalism or corporate capitalism

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    There is no opposition in the USA

    We know that.  It’s a fact.  But in the meantime when all you have in front of you are only two choices: bad and worse, and by not voting b/c you don’t like the bad, you are helping the worse.  I can’t make it anymore simplistic than this.

    Therefore, you are contradicting yourselves, do not use the word opposition if you know that it does not exist

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    If anyone is crying, it is you, when I point out to you how destructive and counter-productive your ideas are.  I hope you’re enjoying your health care and every other social benefit, while others lose theirs.  You know what they say about “principled people”?


    Here we have two points, in Europe, many workers have more social benefits than the USA workers, and many workers have workers union, in the USA workers unions have declined drastically, even more, Walmart had to unionize ( syndicalism ) all workers in Europe in order to open their doors, and most Walmart workers in the USA qualify to apply for welfare and social service.

    Both political parties have blocked the emerge and increase  of workers unions, even more, both parties have said that workers unions do not provide any social benefits to the working class, you have cited the Chartists, but you do not know  the history of the worker’s unions, even more, there was a worker union in the USA which rejected nationalism and called for the unification of all workers around the world

    The so-called New Deal of Roosevelt was not implemented by Roosevelt, it was pushed by a coalition of socialists, communists, anarchists and workers union leaders, and most of the provisions have been already eliminated by differents presidents including Democrats and Republicans, and both parties leaders have used the funds of the program left to finance wars and tax shortages. The coalition motivated the creation of the persecution created by McCarthyism

    None of the members of the WSM doesn’t want workers to lose their benefits when they are workers and retiree, and some are members of workers unions. You  should make serious research before writing nonsense, and many members of the WSM went to jail during the wars in order to defend the working class and to stop killing their own class brothers

    It is very strange that a so-called Trotsky is against principles when most socialists parties  and communist parties  are guided by principles and declaration of principles, you must be a militant of a social club or a  philatelic club

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    There is no opposition in the USA, the opposition is when two political parties have two different points of view, in this case, it would be a socialist party like the WSPSU. The Democratic Party is not the opposition, they are part of the US ruling class, it is one of their political fronts which take a turn every four years

    There was a socialist party in the ballot in California, and others socialist parties they were blocked by the Democrats and Republican governors and senators to be able to appear in the ballot, and it is a legendary manoeuvre.

    It looks that you do not know the real definition of bourgeoise when you are really supporting the bourgeoise class, most of the member of the WSM they are members of the working, there are not workers living the life of a bourgeoise, the bourgeoise does not have work to survive.

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    Reading Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program

    This is the analysis made by the Marxist Humanists ( N&L and Raya Dunayeskaya ) on the Gotha Program. She changed Trotsky Permanent revolution into revolution in permanence. Some of her writing it was indicated that capitalism can be skipped to establish a communist society

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    If we count all the young peoples who did not vote,  and the followers of Bernie Sanders who did not vote either, we can say that the USA has more than 100 millions of Fascists and Nazis, more Fascists and Nazists that Italy and Germany combined. Get ready for the new war against Fascism and Nazism because they were not defeated in WW2

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    This is the most accurate biography written about the life of Karl Marx and his participation in the working-class movement. He was not a rocking chair theoretician, and it also contradicts Lenin little biography of Marx and Engels. Marx was a revolutionary socialist, and he was not a Marxist

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    Those are pro-capitalist politicians and intellectuals who are going to serve a capitalist state and a pro-capitalist president, therefore, we can not expect that they are going to serve the working class, clear indications that workers need their own political parties, or socialist parties  and their own socialists candidates

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    This Doctor in Epidemiology  is part of the Coronavirus task force, probably they are going to add Fauci to the task force, but they can not nominate him because he still working for Donald Trump, but Trump indicated that he was planning to fire him

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