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    It would be like at the beginning of the Barrack Obama government the attorney Ralph Nader asked: Is he going to be working for the Uncle Sam or for the Uncle Tom?

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    Probably, he will be enacting many executive orders. That is what Obama did on his second term

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    Potentials or possible cabinet choices for Joe Biden

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    Book Review: Interpreting Marx

    Interpreting Marx He must read and studied like a scientific  critiquer of capitalism without any myth ,  mysticism or complications

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    Let me summarize this article which was published by Telesur ( Venezuela Official TV/News ) clearly indicates that they think that they US left ( or what they call left ) is going to move Joe Biden toward the left, therefore, they are counting on Joe Biden to be softer toward Venezuela, and Cub, and that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to provide Free Education, Free Medical services, to eliminate racism, xenophobia,a new Green Deal,  and to provide civil rights. It does sound like a dream because they are not going to do, even more, if they try they are going to find heavy opposition from the USA senate

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    As we know, at one point Trump wanted to withdraw US troops from Syria but the military/foreign policy establishment wouldn’t let him. Biden won’t need any persuasion as what not to do.


    He is not nominating new civil commanders for the Pentagon for a coup, he just  wants to bring the troops back from Syria too , and the new ones will not  make any opposition to him, he has to please his voters to continue for 2024, if they do not try to place him in jail ( which I doubt ) based on state crimes. Richard Nixon was pardoned by President  Gerald Ford. The Prince of Michaevilli is the perfect book for the USA politicians, it is all political manipulations

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    The Venezuelan government is counting on Joe Biden, but they are not going to change Donald Trump policy toward Venezuela, they might loose the strings with Cuba as Barrack Obama did, but they are not going to allow Russia and China to take all the natural resources from the Orinoco  as both are doing at the present, the whole east coast of Latin America has enormous minerals  resources needed for  the renovable industries, technology, and telecommunications which are heavy supporter of Joe Biden, they are also saying that they have discovered petroleum in Haiti and the whole Caribbean basin,  and they are keeping it for future eventuality, and the reserve is probably bigger than the one in Venezuela





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    As I said in another message, they are just changing the Pitcher, the Catcher, the Batter,  the men on the bases, and a new Dugout,  but they are playing the same game under the same rules, probably Joe Biden  is  going to pitch a harder ball than Donald Trump. The USA is not going to allow China to take the whole world market for themselves, and the USA is not collapsing as the leftist are saying

    The purpose of Donald Trump is to bring the troops back from Afganistan to please his base and to continue with his campaign for 2024 using a streaming radio station, he is not going  to give any coup dtat, if he does that, he is going to confront a force stronger than him which is the force of the state, the same thing can take place with the right wing militias.

    He is losing cases in all the civil courts and his attorney are giving up because they do not have any evidences,  The USA ruling class wants a new commander in chief and their favorite choice is Joe Biden, another smiling face face as  Barrack Obama. Many legal scholars have said ( including Ralph Nader ) that he might resign before January 20  and ask Mike Pence to emit Federal  pardons for him, his families and associates, and his ex personal lawyer said that he might leave in December toward Miami and he will never come back to Washington

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    That is the reason why Putin has not congratulated Joe Biden, they know that he is going to reinforce NATO. In Latin America the left-wingers they love a right winger like Putin just because he is an anti yankees,( Like Hitler, Stalin, or the Japanese capitalists )  the same thing is the case of Joe Biden, he is a right winger and neoliberal who is an anti Trump, but he is not an anticapitalist like the SPGB/WSM, but our Trotskyist has said that we are Champaign socialist and Trumpers, the question is who is who  and  who is drinking champaign or Dom Perignon, and eating Jamon Iberico de Bellota, and  caviar  at the present time

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    Michael Jackson attorney who is  a black man  was driving a Rolls Royce in Beverly Hills and he was stopped by the police because they thought that  the was driving a stolen car, and he made millions of dollars representing rich peoples, and if you are driving a Rolls Royce in  a poor neighborhood or in a Ghettos the police might think that you are a  drug dealer even if you are a white man, or a black man. When you are living  in the Ghetto you are a gangster,  and  when you  comeback in a  coffin from a capitalist war you have the privilege to be called   a hero, or a national pride. The brother of Donald Trump died and he was  treated like a hero in the White House, and many veterans ( white, black, latino, and asian ) who  died from Covid 19, and they were not treated as hero, they were sent immediately to the cemetery without any heroic ceremonies, they did not have any privileges

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    If you are living in a Ghetto what kind of privilege do you have ? I have seen thousands of white peoples living in Ghettos and poor neighborhood and they do not have any privileges. The ones living in Beverly Hills and Encino they do have white privileges, and there are also blacks peoples who are part of the USA ruling elite and they are living in the same type of neighborhood. The only peoples with privileges in this society is the capitalist class, workers do not have any type of privileges, well, they have one, which is to sell their labour force to survive. It is similar to the so called human rights, how can you have right in a society where a minority group of human beings own everything and the rest own nothing ? It is just a pure legal illusion. Donald Trump was able to obtain 71 millions of votes based on the same shit, and that white peoples have been discriminated and left out from the society, but he never went deeply  to the root of the problem which is capitalism

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    Just look at this. Hegel and dialectic turned Lenin into a real Marxist when he was reading Hegel from a materialistic point of view, this is what they call the ambivalence of Lenin, so, in order to be a real Marxist you must be a Hegelian and a dialectician. If we look at Lenin evolution, we can see that he had a better approach to Marx before the Russian revolution, it was after or within  the Russian revolution, that he created his own version of Marxism which Stalin called Leninism, or Marxism/Leninism. Capital must be read and studied as it was written, as a treatise in Political Economy. I read it when I was very young and I did not need Hegel or dialectic to understand it. I would prefer to read Adam Smith, David Ricard and Feuerbach than to waste my time with Hegel and with dialectic. Personally, I do not need philosophy or philosopher to understand the world. As Marx said on capital: All beginning created difficulties, and the main difficulty is to understand the whole concept on Commodity. The Evangelicals have always said that you need god guidance in order to understand the Bible, without that you will never understand it

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    I have studied Hegel phenomenology and  there is nothing revolutionary in it, as CLR James said: There is nothing revolutionary for us in Hegel and he was right, the only ones who have found something revolutionary in Hegel are the Marxist Humanists, and the School of Frankfurt who were the creator of Cultural Marxism. They also have said that in order to understand Marxs capital you must understand Hegel dialectic which is totally false, you do not need dialectic or idealism to understand Capital, they  are also the unifier of Idealism and materialism

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    There is not going to be any coup and there is not going to be any civil war

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    Several lower courts have rejected Trump election fraud case due to lack of evidences and the Supreme Court is not going to reverse the election result.

    He is going through the same situación as al gore faced with George bush

    I think he must pack and leave to Florida otherwise they are going to kick him out as trespasser


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