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    That is what some individuals call a communist newspaper. Probably, they have not read the Socialist Standard to understand what a real socialist/communist newspaper is. The New York Time is just another mouthpiece of the USA ruling elite

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    That is what Donald Trump and his followers call the radical left, I wonder what would be for them the radical right. They should read Lenin’s book: Leftwing Communism an Infantile disorder to understand where the term comes from, but they are not assiduous readers of political thoughts The Democratic Party is just another vanguard political front of the USA ruling class as the Republican Party. The USA working class is an orphan class, they do not have their own political party

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    It is the same mistake of the uprisings which took place in France and Germany, it was not a socialist revolution either, they were workers uprising demanding capitalist reforms. Workers did not have socialists consciousness either

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    Capitalism is not turning green, the capitalists are looking for new energy sources and the competition for the electric car is going to get tough among themselves. Probably, the final days of the petroleum industry are getting close. There are many by-products that can be obtained from Cannabis similar to the by-products obtained from the sugar cane

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    The President of Argentina was tested positive after he had a Russian vaccine. Probably, he already had the virus before he had the vaccine, and he was asymptomatic

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    It was Lenin who distorted the whole thing. He took phrases out of context from Marx 18 Brumaire on Louis Bonaparte, and the Civil War in France, and he inserted it in his State and the Revolution. It is a clear indication that Lenin was an opportunist and Marx distorter. For years the left and the Leninists have not been able to see that, and they continue hammering on the same mistake that the Commune of Paris was the first socialist government, Marx did not say that, it was Lenin who said that. Marxism/Leninism was a hybrid created by Joseph Stalin Stalin in his book: Foundation of Leninism

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    Joe Biden is just another capitalist president like the prior ones. None of them were defenders of the working class which is going to be a contradiction It looks like the DSA does not know about the real concept of super structure

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    Also, those medical doctors are used as a tool of propaganda by trying to equate socialism with medical services run by the state which is social democrat reform. In Venezuela, they were used to be exchanged for petroleum

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    I am talking about the concept expressed in the article. I do know about the Cuban Medical System and its medical schools. They also make their own textbooks. The Latin American School of Medicine is similar to the Patrice Lumumba University of Moscow

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    There is another absurd conception named corporate communism which is being spread by the followers of QAnon. The blind guiding the blinds

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    Cuba is not a socialist state as the article said, it is just another capitalist state based on a capitalist economy. Socialism would be a society without a state and it will not be an economical system, it would be a social production

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    What has happened to our Pepsi Cola socialist who was in this forum? I have not heard anything from Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, leftwing parties, and others darling of the left who were promoting the lesser evil, and who was going to move Biden toward the left, which is the same as the right, or both are irrelevant. The problem of mankind is not the presidents, and ministers, political parties, race, gender, or ethnic group, it is capitalism. Now they are deaf-mute

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    There are millions of Colombian living in Venezuela. In Colombian Venezuelan have been facing Xenophobia from the government and the peoples themselves

    Nationalization is a bourgeoise concept taken over by the left wingers, it is not a socialist concept . Venezuela is not socialist and socialism in one country is a wrong conception created by the Bolshevik and the Leninists it must be a world phenomenon The so called bolivarian revolution is not socialist either

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    In San Francisco, California one Asian elderly lady hit back her attackers and the man has to be taken to the hospital

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