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    It is a good topic because it is going to be constantly used by the USA politicians in order to win the minds of the workers to be elected and carry their caveman plans. Capitalism is already a reactionary and recalcitrant economic system, capitalism is the real woke



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    C’mon, Thomas, just admit it! You don’t know your woke arse from your woke elbow! 🙂


    Everything you want to know about “woke” including “woke washing” :


    You live and learn !


    Most American ( USA ) do not know the origin of the term woke ( or wake up, similar to rise up ) including the young Afro Americans and the leaders of the Democratic Party, and probably some leftwing organization, it is something similar to Reggaeton which came from the Jamaican Reggae and it had a progressive Lyric and nowadays it is a lousy music after it was taken over by the music industry

    The term was also used by Maurice Bishop in Grenada, and he applied the whole concept to the Antilles and Continental Latin American, and it is also used by the Puerto Rican “independentistas” against colonialism, racism, discrimination and women discrimination

    The reactionary right wing politicians of the USA have turned it into a reactionary term, but originally it was a progressive slogan within the Afro American and Jamaican community, also Malcom X asked the black peoples to wake up, the Republicans politicians do not know that the same slogan was used within their own political party and the so called Party of Abraham Lincoln

    Budweiser ( Bud Light attacked by the right wingers ) have supported certain social democrats reforms in order to obtain more customers and more profits, others corporations have supported the claim made by the Hispanics in order to make profits and obtain more customers, but Goya instead supported Donald Trump and it is a very popular corporation awithin the Hispanic and specially within the Caribbeans.

    Some Democrats like Cortez asked the Hispanic community to place a boicot on Goya products but it did not work, and other companies like Libby tried to gain that clientele by supporting the Hispanic community.

    The followers of De Santis repeat it without knowing the meaning of the term, and probably De Santis does not know it either, he just use it in order to obtain voters for 2024 election, like Corporate socialism and they do not know the real definition of socialism, and they have not read any of Karl Marx writings, a public well known figure like Ralph Nader constantly use the term Corporate socialism, does he know what he is saying ? Probably no


    Doesn’t look like banning or “cancelling” books is necessary anyway:

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