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    Amid corruption charges and cabinet resignations, President Pedro Castillo’s government on the brink in Peru
    Cesar Uco and Armando Cruz
    12 September 2022
    One year after Pedro Castillo assumed the presidency of Peru, amid cheers from the pseudo-left, his government is mired in a sea of accusations involving criminal activity by himself, family members and officials of his government.

    President Castillo reviews troops at army headquarters on August 26, Peru’s National Defense Day. (Credit: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia)
    The accusations are part of a campaign by a virulent right-wing opposition—centered in Congress—which aims to force his resignation, or impeachment. This campaign began immediately after the former rural teacher and union leader was unexpectedly elected last July.

    While there is no doubt substance to the corruption charges, their scale pales in relation to the massive Odebrecht scandal in which virtually every bourgeois party and institution was implicated. Meanwhile, six of Peru’s ex-presidents have been sentenced, indicted, or investigated for corruption or money laundering.

    The unending effort by the right-wing parties in Congress—spearheaded by Keiko Fujimori’s Fuerza Popular, who Castillo defeated in the elections—to bring the president down has created a crisis of governability, due to the sackings and removals of key figures as his administration moves ever rightward.

    This has led to a record 67 ministers appointed by Castillo so far, prompting Bloomberg to observe last month that “A New Minister Is Appointed Every Six Days in Castillo’s Peru”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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