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    The Dedman Files

    Jeremiaih P Conway  The retreat from History: A Marxist analysis of Freud

    Erich Fromm-was a jewish Psychoanalyst,writer,activist whose life-long concern was with developing and understanding the relationship between capitalists and mental health based upon his attempts to integrate the ideas of both Marx and Freud.Fromms work has been approved by both Marxists and Pyschologists alike,he also considered himself a marxists Erich Fromm: Book titile  Marxs concept of man published 1961 fromm has been described as a key contributor to the Socialist humanist movement that emerged in the mid 1950s.

    Narrative Neil Faulkner: what is the nature of the relationship between Marxism and psychoanalysis? Determination: Some marxists argue that it is social conditions,collective actions,and political ideologies that determine history not the inner mind,however – Sabby Sagall SWP suggests quote "Freud is necessary,he explains,because classical marxism lacks a theory of subjectivity "-of the way external,material conditions become translated into the pysche of the individual not just as ideology but as their overall emotional life….Psychoanalysis on the other hand provides an account of subjectivity which links the external structures of the social world with the internal world of each can help us understand how external structures of explotation and oppression are internalised in the mind of the individual.

    SWP member Sabby Sagall publically stated on 22/6/2016…Erich Fromm and social character a reply to Iain Fergusons- Iain Ferguson article on Erich Fromm provides a welcome oppurtunity for readers of international Socialism to engage in a debate not only on the work of this popular but controversial writer but also on the wider issue of the relationship between marxism and psychoanalysis….sabby goes on to point out irionically that Fromm was attacked by the left for being a psychoanalyst,and by psychoanalysts for being leftist!

    Sabby Sagall SWP Book entitled : Final Solutions: Capitalism,human Nature and Genocide.

    What prompted this article is a site on the Dark web/TOR that now appears on Google and Bing entitled "Wikileaks Irelands CIA Operations" uotlining the new Cold war in our back we are aware The Republic of Ireland physically joins onto British land mass which makes the border area between both countries a political Hot Zone for espionage.The fight for control over the remains of Socialist Bertie Aherns previous Empire and Ennda Kennys New Right Government is both bloodied and dirty and goes further than the ballot box.The American CIA are using Pyschological programs in Ireland as they have done across the Globe,In the article Wikileaks Irelands CIA Operations it mentions British doctors involved in psychiatry and psychology experiments in Irish prisons and that there is a possibility that these doctors have been planted by the Intelligence services.drug programs are in operation in ireland TOR/Google – The Dedman Files,where both British Intelligence and CIA are acused of "Dumping" both drugs and files into the Republic.Finally the net is covered in articles about Alleged MI6 operative Simon O Brien GSOC who left his job after files breaching security where "Dumped",when the press Newstalk radio presenter Ivan Yates interviewed O Brien about him using former Irish Police in his Department he got "ruffled" live on air more interesting was the point that the presenter didnt ask him if he was himself a police officer,wikileaks and other sources showed later on he was but at the time there was no mention of him being a British Police officer…OBrien later resigned.,Ivan yates apperently was a former agriculture minister who has since left the station. 


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