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    National Bus and Railwkers union in Ireland have been produced some radical leaflets on the recent water charges proposals from Irish Government.Members support actions to prevent water charges and privatisation!

    Being a British born person I understand that as a Dublin Bus driver their are no boundaries in international socialism and therefore I support the the Socialist party of Great Britain however would take this opporounity to bring readers attention to socialist party member PAUL MURPHY a really helpfull and sincere chap.

    Their are many subjects we as bus drivers are prohibited in are work place from discussing at union level one of them is security.As you can imagine security on buses in Dublin has become a very big concern and regular violent  behavior forces the drivers more increasingly into legal matters.Dublin bus routes are connected into outside counties Wicklow being one of them.Primarily the problem is the last stops on the following bus routes 44,44b,184,185 each of these bus routes can be found on the internet just type dublin bus then number and the timetables are freely available.Over the last five years a growth industry or cottage industry has sprung up based on surveillance of the areas around the last stops of the mentioned routes.The farmers and locals have been playing REAL IRA and Dublin drug gang wars only its got completely out of hand with Dublin Bus drivers being asked to take part in surveillance,which as a driver I am dedman set against.

    The following facts I am presenting can be found on the internet and are genuine.

    The 44b bus last stop has had a massive amount of gun activity reported through the Garda Stations both the army and the police seem to be powerless in stopping deer poaching only in ireland poaching is a cover for other activities the extortion is that they dont know whos firing weapons a cottage at the end of the 44b bus route River View is alleged to be a Ulster unionists and FBI regular fire alarm pusher.

    The 44 route takes us to the Leafy village of Enniskerry type Enniskerry nazis at google prompt and you will see it a massive amount of nazi crap on google I am a jamacian origion and I despise this form of internet propoganda.The town Enniskerry is listed as a tax haven and one of its estates Kilgarron is a fascist traveller pen that to date since built a few years ago has seen shotgun attacks and its own post office robbed with hanguns by locals.Def Leppard rock stars recently put up one of their dwellings for sale in Enniskerry and the Great Anglo Irish Bank criminal trials sees Aoife Maguire Tiarnan O Mahoney in court this year a picture of maguire can be found with her Klu KLux Klan hat on google images.Enniskery and Shop River are filled with far right American based fascists which brings us to  Dublin Bus route 185 .The whole area Shop River and Curtlestown is infested with the most rascist far right weirdos you will ever meet.Their is also two known British intelligence safe houses at Shop river and a number of known and data based former IRA members that live in the area.Its this area and Newtown Mount Kennedy that have  forced drivers off this routes.

    Newtown Mount Kennedy 184 route has seen a number of terrorist activities including a pipe bomb that injured a small child so there you have it folks driving buses isnt as easy as it seems in Ireland. 

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