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    Matthew Culbert

    BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, May 11 2020 (IPS) – Experts across Africa are warning that as hospitals and health facilities focus on COVID-19, less attention is being given to the management of other deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, which affect millions more people.

    “Today if you have malaria symptoms you are in big trouble because they are quite close to COVID-19 symptoms, will you go to the hospital when it is said we should not go there?” Yap Boum II, the regional representative for Epicenter Africa, the research arm of Doctors Without Borders, told IPS.

    “Hospitals are struggling because they do not have the good facilities and equipment; it will be hard to take in a patient with malaria because people are scared. As a result the management of malaria is affected by COVID-19,” Boum, who is also a Professor of Microbiology at Mbarara University of Sciences and Technology in Uganda, said, pointing out that HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis were also being ignored.

    In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that four times as many people could die from malaria than coronavirus.

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    Matthew Culbert
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    I have moved a lot of these posts on onto the  Marxist Animalism thread.

    The Ogala Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux nations in the US state of South Dakota continued on Monday to reject attempts by Republican Governor Kristi Noem to force the tribes to take down coronavirus health checkpoints on their land. Noem had threated legal action if the checkpoints on federal and state highways were not removed within two days, a move that would violate both tribal sovereignty as well as existing agreements between the state and Sioux governments.

    The checkpoints are part of the measures the tribes have put in place to stop the spread of the pandemic in their territory.

    Harold Frazier, chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux, said “we will not apologize for being an island of safety in a sea of uncertainty and death…You continuing to interfere in our efforts to do what science and facts dictate seriously undermine our ability to protect everyone on the reservation.”


    After 500 years the natives continue suffering, deprivation, discrimination,  oppression and repression from all these fucking land robbers. They are more than good peoples when they have not rebelled against all these oppressors. Instead of living the fallacy of the so-called American dream, they have lived the American Nightmare, as Malcolm X named the situation that the black peoples went thru for more than 400 years


    Iraq, alliance forces (US military) are bombing the country. The last thing you need during this pandemic are hospitals being turned to rubble. Capitalism is egregious.



    Who said that the lockdown was imposed for the benefit of the “middle class” and “petty bourgeoisie “:


    I think I will take responsibility for that statement, ALB.

    And I think I tried to demonstrate the lockdown was detrimental to working people. I believe you concurred that those with informal dominated economies which also lacked social safety nets, lockdowns inflicted more damage than benefit.

    As for Europe and America, lockdowns did not equalise the death rates between the poor and the rich, so whose benefit was it really for?




    I agree your argument could be sustained ie knowing that the poor would suffer most the government took steps to ensure it didn’t spread from poor areas (but did they know that any more than they knew it would affect men more than women?)

    But I still don’t think that’s could be the real reason. It is much more likely to have to do with what might have happened to the economy and health care system if they did nothing. Also doing nothing would not have been possible politically. If any government had tried this here it would have been driven out of office by popular and parliamentary protests. Even now they are having difficulty in persuading all those who could return to work to do so.

    Bijou Drains

    What I woud say is that governments support has been directed firstly to the banking sector and the business class, secondly to the “middle classes” and lastly to the poor.

    If you look at the government backed loan schemes, what is any sensible business owner going to do with that loan money? Pay off creditors, which will include a high proportion of bank loans, overdrafts, business credit cards, etc. So in effect the banks have swapped unsecured loans with businesses that are in trouble for loans, 80% of which are backed by the government.

    The furlough scheme also suits business, effectively tying their workers to the firm, who’s going to chance going for a job anywhere else when you have at least got 80% of your salary paid. The people who are most likely to be in that position are those who are wage vulnerable such as minimum wage workers and zero hours contract workers.

    If you’re in the “middle class” sector you get paid 80% of a relatively high wage and you have the option of 3 months deferred mortgage costs, with no transport costs, you could actually be better off.

    If you’re at the bottom of the shit pile, you get 80% of what the minimum wage (if it’s now officially called the living wage, does that mean you only live for 4/5ths of the week?) and because the liklihood is you live in rented accommodation, you will probably get no rent relief or support.

    Looks like a bribe scheme to keep the capitalist class and the previous Tory voters on board and fuck the rest of us to me.


    Marcos,  Doctors Without Borders has sent a health team to the Navajo Nation.
    “The international group typically sends health professionals to conflict zones around the world during medical disasters and the coronavirus pandemic marks the first time it has dispatched teams within the U.S.,”

    If the Navajo Nation were its own state, it would have the highest per capita rate of confirmed positive coronavirus cases in the country, behind only New York.

    “You’re telling people, ‘Wash your hands for 20 seconds multiple times a day,’ and they don’t have running water. Or you’re saying, ‘Go buy groceries for two or three weeks and shelter in place and don’t come out,’ but people can’t afford groceries for two or three weeks,”



    I do know pretty well the history of the natives of North, South and Central America, and I know about all the suffering and intromissions, and the massacre that they have gone thru.

    I am not talking about Doctors without border ( I am also a medical student, and my wife and my daughter studied medical sciences  ) I am talking about the opportunistic goverment of the USA which is using this pandemic to do whatever they want inside the natives  territory.

    The Navajo nations are in their own territory which were stolen by the white man, all the tribes were owners and occupants of a whole continent before the European invaders arrived ( In the same way that the Nation of Aztlan was destroyed by the Yankees )  and were placed in reservations


    The pandemic has spread in the USA because they eliminated all the medical services, many hospital were closed or went into bankruptcy before the pandemic, many medical equipments were not purchased and thousands were damaged or defectives, medicine in the USA is a private business run by businessmen wearing a white coat, the highest-paid executive in the USA are working in the medical field, in a country where a doctor can accumulate 14 million dollars it is a sign that profit is the main concern.


    Doctor without borders are like the Cuban doctors, they loved their profession, and they wanted to provide a service to mankind, and I admire their work


    There is a good historian in the USA known as Francis Jennings who has written extensively about the natives starting before Colonialism, and the historian Juan Bosh has written extensively about them and have covered all the Americas continents and the Islands and I have read them, even more, foreign historians know more about the history of the USA than the internal historians which are just storytellers,  the only exception is Gerald Horne which has written more than 35 books and I have read most of them

    Inactive Out of topic, just to confirm another message  After 500 years they continue doing the same thing


    Peter Doherty on the availability of 60 million shots of a COVID-19 vaccine from the UK, perhaps by September, and on its projected efficacy.

    “For those over 60, the vaccine may not be a complete fix.”

    “Elderly people do not make good immune responses to something they have never seen before,” he says. “If we could vaccinate all the young people up to age 60, then we would massively increase herd immunity.”

    * * *

    Despite their similar colonial histories, Australian Aboriginal communities and some US Indigenous communities face almost opposite COVID-19 epidemiological situations.

    Through rapid Australian state government intervention (strict border closures, extensive testing, lockdown and distancing rules) the global pandemic has largely bypassed the Australian states where Aboriginal communities predominantly live, so much so that Peter Doherty can surmise

    “It would be wonderful if we pretty much stamped [the virus] out. South Australia looks pretty clean, Western Australia, Northern Territory all look pretty clean, so some states may have pretty much got rid of the virus.”

    South Australia — one new-case for the past three weeks. Western Australia — two new-cases for the past fortnight. Northern Territory — zero new-cases for the past month.  Queensland — single digit new-cases for the past month.

    On the other hand, the social condition of many Aboriginal communities, like that of the US communities, poses a scarcely tractable problem for capitalism.

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    Dave B

    So to keep this simple.

    From 5 March to 5 May on a ship 1,156 out of 4,500 tested positive

    [One died.]

    % infected 1156/4500 x 100 = 26%

    26% in two months ,

    We just need to try and remember that

    “26% in two months”

    for a couple of minutes.

    Lets go somewhere else then; for two months.

    …….Evidence before this study……..

    Following the first recorded cases of SARS-CoV-2 on the 29 January in the

    United Kingdom (UK), the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a rapidly developing

    Course ………………..providing evidence that by the end of the second week in April, 29% of the population may already have had the disease and so have increased immunity……….


    There was not much of a lockdown on the aircraft carrier though!

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