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    steve colborn

    Fellow Branch Members, I have just discovered that our Branch Secretary has been indefinitely suspended from the Forum. Upon realisation of the above, I checked the thread that included the indefinite suspension then contacted Vin directly. He saved me the trouble of collating the relevant posts by providing this;


    To: North East Regional Branch

    I have again received an indefinite ban from the forum and I have no intention of appealing. It is my last public flogging and humiliation. I will take no further part so I will be unable to attend eMeetings. I will resign my position as secretary if members wish.

    This forum has nothing to do with anything I stand for, when one member can at his discretion ban another. In my opinion this forum should not be using the Party’s name as it is not guided by our basic principles

    Five members questioned moderation and only one received a warning and a ban

    Here is the evidence

    Hunter Gatherer Thread

    Post 147 Robbo203 questions Mod about warnings

    Post 148 PGB also questions Mod

    Post 150 LBird emphasises

    Post 153 Mod1 politely replies to Robbo203, PGB and Lbird

    Post 156 Vin questions Mod about warnings and rules 14 and 15

    Post 163 Vin asks why he is the only one receiving warnings re rules 14 and 15

    Post 165 Davey B questions Mod

    Post 166 Polite reply from Mod1 to Davey B

    Post 167 Vin is suspended

    Vin maratty

    Vin is, in my opinion, quite correct in viewing this action, as one of being singled out for "special treatment" and as such, I believe he should have the Branches backing.

    One important result of this decision, is that our Secretary will be unable to participate in forthcoming Branch meetings. As I attempted to point out at the time the Branch decided to use the Forum Site, for its meetings ETC, we would place ourselves at the behest and control of others, this has, regretably, proved a correct assumption.

    We, as a Branch, have taken part in a groundbreaking undertaking, the first time a Branch Meeting has taken place "Live", in "real time", on a medium ( the Internet), which could prove to be a sea change in spreading Socialist ideas, so that any and all people could watch our discussion and decision making processes at work, regardless of whether they were members or not, of the Party. No other political Party has been so "open" and above board.

    However, with the above, this road of travel appears to have come to an obstacle, not easily overcome.

    If there is no way for the Branch to have a compartmentalised segment of the Forum, whereby Moderator decisions would not impinge on Branch members ability to participate in Branch Meetings and in which the Branch can control its own meetings and contributions to the same, then, it is my considered opinion this experiment is doomed.

    As Branch Organiser, I suggest we organise our next Branch meeting for Fri 27th to Sun 29th March. To discuss, amongst other Items, the ramifications of the Branch Secretaries Forum suspension.

    Can members let me know their views on this A.S.A.P. so that the necessary arangements can be made.

    Finally, I would like all Branch members to know that Vin has my full backing and moreover agreement that his treatment has been unjust, biased and without merit. which the above memo from Vin proves.

    steve colborn

    Branch members may like to peruse the following, with regards to the suspension;1/Each suspension is determined on what is appropriate and acceptable under the given circumstances.2/When applying a warning or suspension, to any user, I do not take into consideration the personal views of any forum member. On the other hand if the I.C. or the EC where of the opinion that my actions were unacceptable and inappropriate in a particular instance I would of course take that on board.  But so far I've had no complaints from either. However, when applying the rules I do consider other offences, how many times they were warned over what length of time, and how many previous suspensions etc.  If I failed to do this I would not be moderating in an acceptable and approriate manner. Nonetheless, whatever rules and guidelines are drawn up there will always be some who would never find them "appropriate and acceptable".The Forum is being Moderated by the rule of what individuals, not the Party, deem to be appropriate and acceptable. Moreover, as opposed to what even the Capitalist "justice" System deems inappropriate, so called offenders "previous", reasons why, duration of suspensions and amount of the same, are all included. A measure, as I say, not even our "Masters" feel is appropriate but which is deemed fair to use on our "Fellow" Socialists.

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