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    Minutes of North East Regional Branch held  7pm 24th March 2015 at to Alexander Pub Sunderland

    Present :  T.Gilgallon, V. Maratty, J.Davison, S.Colborn

    Visitors:Steve Davison.


    1.      Secretary informed Branch that he had received a letter of resignation for personal reasons from Cde  Brian Barry, informing the branch that he would continue to receive the Socialist Standard.


    Motion  T.Gilgallan, S.Colborn “That the Form F for Brian Barry be accepted and sent to the EC”

    Carried 4-0


    2.      V.Maratty (Election Agent) informed meeting that he had received the £500 cheque from HO for Election Deposit


    3.      Secretary reported contact from Cdes Alf Fulcher, Eddy Collins and Patricia Gilgallon


    4.      General informal discussion followed re coming General Election, Party Forums etc.


    Meeting adjourned 9.10pm


    Minutes of the North East Regional Branch eMeeting held between 19th and 21st Dec 2014

    Present: VMaratty, JWhite,  SColborne, JDavis, EColborne,


    1.Election of chair.

    It was  agreed that VM take the chair Friday and SC Saturday and  Sunday.

    2.Amendment/adoption of previous minutes

    Motion J.D& SC ‘The minutes of the previous meeting be adopted’. Agreed

    3.Matters arising from previous minutes 

    (a)JD have we heard from party sympathisers. Secretary report no contact from sympathisers

    (b) JD RE 8aHave we been contacted by any more " lost " N.E. Branch members? 

    VM Yes.   Longstanding member TM. For personal reasons he cannot take part on the internet but would like to meet members in January.

    SC As it's been a while since we met "face to face" I would like to suggest Wed 14th or Thurs 15th of Jan at the Marlborough Pub in Seaham Harbour. We could meet about 7! It's nice and central, easy to get to from the Train Station and the 60 from Sunderland stops just yards away.

    Let me know what you all think!

    VM Tim gave me some dates but cant remember so I will contact him  – if you leave it with me I keep in touch with all and organise a mtg to suit as many members as poss and then inform all members

    (c) Yahoo list. As members were experiencing problems accessing and posting there was a discussion re the suitability of Yahoo for branch meetings.

    Motion VM& SC "The Internet Committee be asked if it would be possible to set aside part of the Party’s main forum for Branch eMeetings as Yahoo lists are not user friendly and frustrating."


    4.Forms A and F

    Secretary said he had a Form A for LMaratty ex-member active in 70s and 80s

    Motion (JD&SC)  ‘that the Form a for LM be accepted’  carried 4-0

    5.EC minutes (no business)

    6. Annual Conference

    Discussion – no one able to attend

    7.Correspondence and business arising there from

    (a) Transfer of EColborn to NERB.   I have been in correspondence with Central Branch re Eileen's transfer and various forms. Eileen has been transferred to NERB.

    8.Reports (propaganda, literature, finance etc)

    (a) Treasure. VM proposed Joe Davison as Treasurer and it was AGREED

    JD Vin, I will need a list of contact addresses of our members, so I can let them know where they can send donations,( if they choose). Sec agreed to supply treasurer with membership list.

    9.New notices of motion  (None)

    10.Any other business

    (a) Twitter Account @worldsocialism

    VM re the twitter account worldsocialism@worldsocialism ‘ the official twitter feed of the Socialist Party of Great Britain.’ It was set up 2009 and not used apart from 1 tweet. It must have been set up by a member without Internet Committee knowledge. It maybe that the member who set it up has forgotten about it or left the party. I think it should be recovered and used for our benefit. It has a unique address. Most members underestimate twitter, including the internet committee

    SC In the spirit of comradeship, if we were to do this, I think it would also be best, to let the EC know of our intentions. Would the Secretary prepare emails to both the IC and the EC, if the Branch gives the go ahead?




    Motion “The Internet Committee be asked to ascertain who owns the twitter account @worldsocialism ‘the official twitter feed of the Socialist Party of Great Britain’  as it is an official party publication not under the control of the membership. A copy of this resolution be sent to the EC”  was  AGREED

    (b)Paris 2015

     In December 2015, a full year from now, crucial talks on climate change will take place in Paris.

    Motion (S.Col& VM) 'The EC be informed that NERB is in favour of having a party presence at Paris 2015'  AGREED

    (c)Party Video

    VM There seems to be agreement that the last election video should be used for the next election but my own opinion is that it is insipid and lacks punch for a revolutionary organisation. It appears Utopian and ignores the real reason for socialism: the despicable horrors of the existing system

    JD The Party video was a success, but we can not rest on our laurels. It was just a beginning. With that in mind, I second the motion 

    Motion (VM, JD)“The branch congratulates members involved in the last party video but is in favour of the party producing a new video depicting the unequal distribution of wealth and property, homeless and hungry children and war. Produced by professional film makers and as hard hitting as possible”  AGREED

    (d)Paedophilia.  Discussion re its compatibility with Party membership and socialism

     See discussion at   branch’s Yahoo list


    Motion “That NERB charge comrade BB with action detrimental and bringing the party into disrepute. That his prosecution and conviction on charges of being a Paedophile, reflect badly on a Party who value so highly, the right of "all" individuals to live lives free of coercion, including sexual coercion. That Mr B’s continued membership, will constrain and restrain Socialist activity and growth in the North East, as current members have made it abundantly clear, that they do not wish to be associated with this current  member and if he were to attend meetings other members would vacate the same. In view of this, the Branch feel it necessary to expel the aforementioned member.

    Carried  3-0-2


    11. Meeting Adjourned at 18.20 Sunday



    Minutes of the  North East Regional Branch eMeeting held between 17th and 19th Oct 2014

    Present: V.Maratty, S.Colborn, Joe White, E.Colborn

    Visitors: Joe Davison

    1.Election of chair.  

    (a)  It was AGREED that  V. Maratty take the chair

    2.Amendment/adoption of previous minutes  

    (a)  Motion (S.Colborn, E.Colborn) “That the minutes of the previous meeting be adopted”  was CARRIED 4-0

    3.Matters arising from previous minutes 

    (a) 2014 General Election

    SC:   I think we could indeed field a candidate. If we have a consensus, we would then need to choose a Candidate and Constituency to contest. Actually, there is little to do in contesting. Getting the forms from the council, getting 10 signatures on the Nomination Form. Returning them to the council, then after the election, taking evidence of expenses etc, plus signed forms back to the council.


    JD(Visitor) :Announcing that the N.E. regional branch wanted to field a candidate in the 2015 gen. election, to me, was a wake-up call directed at the silent membership. You were already in touch with members joe White and John Bissett. Joe is so busy, it's a wonder he has time to sleep. John needs some "time out," to recharge his batterys. The only other contact you have had (to my knowledge) is a form "F".     I think, asking Steve to be our candidate, at this time, would be harmful for both Steve and his family and the emerging N.E. group. 


    The group needs more members and that is what members need to be concentrating on

    VM: Yes Joe, that is what I was thinking and I agree with you.  Perhaps give steven time to reflect on that.  There is no pressure; he has already done more than expected from anyone.


    Chair, can I suggest we defer any decision re the election until tomorrow afternoon and move on to Item 4!  Steve.


    Yesterday I was against Steve standing, but we had a chat last night and the outcome is that I support his decision.


    Motion (V.Maratty, S.Colborn) ‘the branch field a candidate at the 2015 General Elect in the Easington Constituency: the candidate to be S.Colborn’     CARRIED 4-0.


    4.Forms A and F

    (a) Form F:  Jim. Tinmouth

    VM: We have the very sad passing of Jimmy Tinmouth. He was a member for more than 50 years. I knew him in the 70s when he attended branch meetings and public meetings.

    I will prepare a Form F. I would like to suggest that an Obituary be placed in the Socialist Standard. I did not know a lot about him, but very 

    SC:  I will second that Vin. A very sad occasion, made more so, by the sad news of Kenny Fisher. Like you, myself and Eileen knew them in the late 70' and 80's. A time when the Branch met "weekly"! They were both "good" Socialists and along with Bobby Gleg, John Toomey and Kevin Lennon, made up the core of the Branch at that time.



    Motion (V.Maratty, S.Colborn)  "That the Form F be accepted and forwarded to the EC"  was AGREED


    (b)  Form A.    Joe Davison applied for membership.

    Motion (V.Maratty, S.Colborn) “that the Form A for Joe Davison be accepted”  CARRIED  4-0

    5.TUC March in London.

    JW:: Hello! Sorry I'm late. Been one of those days  .Will have to drop in and out. On the TUC march tomorrow .Going as part of my union branch. The banner is in the back of my car . Hope I remember to take it out of the car when I get to Darlington station tomorrow. Train is at 7.05 am. I must admit I have mixed feelings about the effectiveness of the event tomorrow. It's as if trade unions do not exist as far as the so called 'Free Press' are concerned. Overhyped non entities like Russell Brand(somebody please deprive him of the oxygen of publicity)Boris Johnson (he's slithered into The Radio Times)and self appointed People's Tribune Farrage get acres of free publicity whilst the real 'Big Society' the organised Labour Movement is lucky to get a single line .Not that I'm over surprised .I remember back in the 1970s through to the 80s and beyond The University of Glasgow publishing their study of bias against the Labour Movement in Bad News and More Bad News. Nothing much as changed. The BBC(The Bourgeoise Broadcasting Company)continues to kis the posterior of the establishment. Lord Reith would approve! And the ghost of Ramsey McDonald continues to haunt, nay, dominate, the Labour Party. What was it Marx said(paraphrasing Hegel)?History repeats. First as tragedy, second as farce. We are now in a third phase :'Tragi-comedy' but it hurts to laugh. Sorry, I appear to be suffering severely from Gramsci's  pessimism of the intellect. The optimism of the will is wearing thin. No matter, the alternative to not fighting is a living death. Bertrand Russell quipped 'Some people would rather die than think, in fact they do!' We have no option but to fight .Resistance no matter how small is still resistance and an affirmation of will. Yes, contesting an election with no chance of winning might, if one applies so called 'Common sense'(the philosophy of the intellectually challenged), appear to be an exercise in futility but I disagree. It has symbolic significance and the law of unintended consequences should not be underestimated. I recall being cheered up at the age of 14 when Bernadette Devlin as she was in 1969 being voted in at the age of 23. The effect of a young and mini skirted young woman was a kick up the establishment's arse! I'm well aware it was then down hill. But to quote Wordsworth before he became reactionary: 'Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be Young was very heaven! A world without Utopia on the map is not worth having. I'm getting it all in now as I might not be involved again until Sunday. Please excuse my verbosity. A mis-spent life in libraries!


    Wishing everyone well!




    Report from Joe on Sunday

    Attended the TUC march in London yesterday. All in all a good turn out notable for the abundance of good humour . It was disciplined : a living example of what ordinary people can do if acting in co-ordination. It appeared to have put the wind up the Bourgeois as was evident in the heavy police presence, particularly around areas of what Veblen in 'The Leisured class' terms 'conspicuous consumption' e.g. The Ritz and Fortnum and Masons' Maybe they feared a mass request for afternoon tea at reduced rates. No matter the over reaction of our rulers betokened real fear. A healthy sign. To quote V for Vendetta:' People should not feat their Government. Government should fear their people.'

    Managed to give fraternal greetings to three fellow SPGB comrades : one handing out leaflets and two manning a stall. I purchased a copy of How The Gods Were Made: a very accessible introduction to Historical Materialism. Moreover it was 'Reproduced' by The North East Branch in 2003.


    A positive day.

    Wishing everyone well.


    Thanks from all members of the Branch, Joe!


    (a) Secretary: As Secretary I have done two mail shots to all members apart fro ourselves, informing them of the meetings and sending them links. I have received two replies: One is not internet savvy and the other is not well. I have however received a couple of sympathiser contacts from the central organiser and received one response. He intends to join this group when he has a bit more time,

    (b) Treasurer: Balance £69. See uploaded file

    (c)Press Officer:  I am indeed sending letters to the media but is much easier today with email, than in the 90's when I used to use a hammer to depress the keys on my typewriter.

    I had my first letter published as NE Regional Press Officer, The Socialist Party;



    9.   Meeting Adjournment at 18.08 19th





    Minutes of the Special Branch Meeting of NERB Branch held Fri Oct 3rd – Sun Oct 5th

    Present: S.Colborn, E. Colborn, J. White, V.Maratty

    Visitors:  Joe Davison, Steve Davison

    Member John Bisset 1 vote via email


    (1)    Election of Chair: It was AGREED Cde S.Colborn take the chair.


    (2)    Adoption of Minutes of previous 2 eMeetings of Branch.

    Motion: (S.Colborn, E. Colborn) “That the minutes of the previous two branch meetings be adopted”  CARRIED  5-0 (email vote John Bisset)



    (3)    Party Image/Logo

          Chairman: The meeting will be open for input and ideas from members and indeed sympathizers.


    The General agreement appeared to be that a name change was not necessary and Kent and Sussex branch are on the right track.



     I have made no secret of the fact that I think the party needs to adopt a single logo and design of party name to be used everywhere


     A unified Image and Logo would be the most sensible way to go. Look at Greenpeace, The World Wildlife Fund ETC. If we are going to advance, we need something that is "tied" to us and makes it instantly known, who and what we are.


    We have to decide how we want to be perceived and Image and Logo are an integral part of that.  But in all seriousness I think you have a valid point. I think you once stated how many different identities the Party operates under. Do you recall how many? To create an identifiable logo, would require a decisive Party name.


    I have a question. At present, what logos, or banners does the party use at this time?  I ask this to see if we can narrow the field a little.



    Not sure but a lot



    I've been trying to decide, on a purely personal opinion level, if we need a total break from the Past. What I mean specifically and in the first instance, is the Party name! Would it be advantageous to change from The Socialist Party of Great Britain, with all the "baggage of nationalism it entails!

    We are now, a part of the World Socialist Movement, do we really need to continue to be linked with an outmoded, outdated geographic term? That is so at odds with our stated aim of, World Socialism! I am not, by the way saying we "should" undertake such a root and branch upheaval but that we should give serious consideration to the merits and conversely demerits of such a move.

    It is necessary to decide our stance on this question, before moving on to the more specific questions of Image and Logo!. In my humble opinion!


    I see Kent branch are in favour of a single design and logo. At the moment it is left to individuals and branches and committees to decide which design and logo to use. 

    The party is lost and hidden amongst all of the confusion. 



    We have one aim, Socialism. As opposed to those who practice meantime politics; a little bit of Save the whale here, a bit of opposing increased tuition fees there. Stop the war, increase the minimum wage. Their are so many "little fights" that crave for attention, the outcome that will get rid of the need for these "fights", Socialism. is lost in the Din.  Just as the multitudinous logos and images hide our real target and singular aim. I applaud Kent and Sussex for clutching the nettle but we need to start in the right place! and clutch the right nettle.


    I find it hard to believe that the members have not dealt with this matter years ago.  One logo that everyone can identify with and which EVERYONE uses, fit for the 21st. century. A logo representing our place in the World Socialist Movement.


    Even though I'm an ex Party member I have the utmost care and respect for the WSM. And that is my point, the SPGB is part of a world socialist movement, and new parties now adopt the tag of World Socialist Party (name of country). At some point, in the furure, the two Parties that insist on holding on to their historic identity will become outdated and conservative. Let us not forget that socialism how we define it is a radical departure from most of what is seen as "normal" and accepted by mainstream society today. So holding on to a historic identity for the sake of tradition is and will be seen as futile and conservative, by a growing movement.   If the Party were to adopt the tag of World Socialist Party (Britain), it could adopt (or adapt, improve) the globe logo. Global socialism, clearly and consistently.  Unfortunately the mood of the Party at present is in a defensive/conservative mode, meaning such a change is unlikely to go down well. But as the Party finances are stable, and a few legacies are unimportant, now would be the perfect time to take a step forward.


    What can be said, is that all members have a unified aim of fighting for a Socialist Society. That is their uniqueness, their singular purpose. The means of reaching this goal, that necessarily entails our image, has somehow taken a back seat, as members appear not to see the importance of a unified identity. I am not decrying the Party or the membership for this, far from it. I can see how it has been overlooked in the wider societal context! However, I think now, is the right time to dust it off, look at it and decide how best to move forward, with a unified image, as a prerequisite.


    The proposition that the party needs to move forward under one banner/logo, is something I whole heartedly agree with and yes, while the party is small, this issue should be (but won't be) easily dealt with. But the party is smaller than official figures suggest and when small partys name change, it can have disasterous results. Either way, sooner or later the S.P.G.B. will have to comply with the rest of the Socialist world and become The World Socialist Movement ( U.K/G.B./B.I.) 



    I'll put my two penny worth in. If it's not broke why fix it! The SPGB carries a lot of historical and ideological meaning. There are examples of other organisations carrying out a form of symbolic suicide by engaging in name change, for the process entails more than a change of name, as can be witnessed by the demise of the old Communist Party of Great Britain. The change to the Democratic Left .was in effect an act of political hari kari. The Italian Communist Party committed the same error and suffered the same fate: political irrelevancy.   I counsel caution. Don't deface 'The Monument'(with apologies to Robert Barltrop)


    I agree with Joe. So much history and a name well known. Why take the chance?

    A lot have heard of the SPGB.




    The logo is more of a cosmetic change, but a name change is more fundamental and the lessons of recent history do not bode well for such an action. In short, it would be self defeating..




    We probably don't need to change the party name but we need to be consistent in its use. 

    What I mean is something like:  World Socialist Movement SPGB


    The problem the Party faces at the moment regarding one image/logo etc, is that the issue of The Socialist Party vs The Socialist Party of Great Britain still hasn't been resolved. Some still use both, some use one or the other. There is no concensus even on that issue. Even a Party poll from the early 1990's agreeing to the use of The Socialist Party has been pushed to one side, as a conservative mindset has crept up on the Party.  Unfortunately the only way for the Party to aquire a consistent identity and logo, is to decide once and for all what it wants to call itself.  My view is, does the Party want to clearly reflect a World Socialist Party ethos and identity or stick to one of nationalistic imagery.  There is also the issue of how much the Party would lose if it changed name to join the existing three World Socialist Parties of the WSM. I would say little would be lost in terms of political clout as the SPGB are a small party with virtually no presence on the political landscape of Britain.

    I think it was Alan Johnson (may have wrong spelling, sorry Alan) on the Party open forum that said a poll could be commissioned to find out how well known the SPGB are.


    OK, Kent and Sussex group have illustrated their examples, would anyone here like to acept one of their proposals?


    MEETING ADJOURNED 4pm 5th Oct 2014



    Minutes of the  North East Regional Branch eMeeting held between 19th and 21st Sep 2014


    Present:  S.Colborn, E.Colborn, V.Maratty and Joe White

    Visitors: Joe Davison


    1.Election of chair.  

    It was Agreed S.Colborn take the chair

    2.Amendment/adoption of previous minutes 

    (a)As the present meeting was quorate it was  AGREED that all decisions  of previous meeting be confirmed and adopted.

    (b) The chair welcomed non-member Joe Davidson

    3.Matters arising from previous minutes 

    (a) Branch’s propaganda strategy and contesting a North East seat at the 2015 General Election.

    (b)The Party’s Image/logo etc


    It was agreed to discuss these two items under ‘Any Other Business’


    4.Forms A and F  NONE

    5.EC minutes

    3. Forms A and F

    (a) Form A for Vin Maratty (North East Regional) There was a Discussion on this subject.

    6. ADM

     (a) The Chair requested volunteers/nominations for ADM delegates  (None)  

    7.Correspondence and business arising there from  (None)

    8.Reports (propaganda, literature, finance etc)     (None)

    9.Motions of which notice has been given         (None)

    10.Appointment of Chair for propaganda meetings   (None)

    11.New notices of motion   (None)

    12.Any other business

    (a) Branch’s propaganda strategy and contesting a North East seat at the 2015 General Election.

    Members discussed past elections and it was observed that there has been a lot of work done in the area and we should capitalise on it. Results of previous elections were discussed.


    Motion ( S.Colborn and E Colborn):

     " That NERB seeks EC ratification to contest the 2015 General Election; seat and candidate to be decided later"

    Was Carried

    (b)The Party’s Image/logo etc

    It was AGREED to hold a special meeting on this subject


    13   Meeting Adjournment


    Donation from sympathiser £100

    General Discussion about arranging a ‘physical’ meeting of members


    Minutes of North East Regional Branch eMeeting held between 15th and 18th August 2014

    Present: S.Colborn, E.Colborn, G.White

    Visitors: V.Maratty


    1.Election of chair.  Agreed that S.Colborn take the chair


    2.Amendment/adoption of previous minutes   None available

    3.Matters arising from previous minutes  None


    4.Forms A and F

    (a)Form A from V.Maratty (ex-member)

                      Motion (E.Colborn and S.Colborn) “That the Form A be accepted” Carried  2-0

    5.EC minutes

    6.Correspondence and business arising there from none

    7.Reports (propaganda, literature, finance etc) none

    8.Motions of which notice has been given None

    9.Appointment of Chair for propaganda meetings none


    10.New notices of motion

    (a)Cde S Colborne gave notice that he would like to discuss at the next branch meeting, the branch’s propaganda strategy, to possibly be married to contesting a North East seat at the 2015 General Election.

    (b)Cde Maratty gave notice that he would like to discuss the Party’s Image/log etc


    11.Any other business

     (a)   Status of branch Yahoo Group


    VMaratty – As Bill has pointed out this group cannot be made ‘public’ and branch meetings should be publicly accessible, in line with the open democratic nature of the party.

    The group also needs its name changed to NERB  and and an appropriate logo at the top.


                Motion "That Bill be thanked for setting up the group and his efforts in support of the branch"



    Motion “that members be transferred to the new group at           “



    It was also agreed that a copy of these minutes be sent to every member of the branch



     (b) Election of party officers

    It was agreed that Cde Maratty be appointed Secretary and Treasurer and Cde S.Colborne be appointed Branch Organiser and Press Officer.




    12   Meeting Adjourned at 11.30 18th



    Minutes of Branch eMeeting 23rd – 25t Jan 2015Present: S.Colborn, J Davison, V.Maratty, E. Colborn, Geisepi- Joe(unable to access website)Visitors: Steve Davison1.Election of chair.Agreed that S.C take the Chair2.Amendment/adoption of previous minutesThe Motion to adopt December minutes   was Carried 4-03.Matters arising from previous minutesItem 3(b) SCrequested an update on Meeting in Seaham at the Marlborough PubVM Yeswe have agreed on the mtg for 3rd Feb and I am writing to the members that I have no email address for. Hope we have good turn outItems 10(a)(b) and (c)I sent the resolutions to the EC and I was asked to send voting figures. I sent them to Gen Sec and Ass Gen Sec but received an email explaining there was a mixup and the EC delayed dealing with the resolution as they believed there were no voting figures.VMIn fact it reminds me that decisions made at our eMeetings need to have voting figures and members present. The Form C will be rejected unless we vote on it and supply the EC with the figures.Item 10(d)VMI have received no reply from BB. It was  Agreed to discuss this at the mtg  on Feb 3rd4.Forms A and F Form A from an ex-member Harley Wears. Following a discussion the Motion that “The Form A for Harley Wears be accepted” was Carried 4-0.5. Form CIt was Agreed to discuss and audit the branch’s Form C. After a lengthy discussion and examination of the figures -with some help from Cde AB – it was agreed that the treasure bring the Form C to the Mtg Feb 3rd to be signed off and the Form C was adopted by 4-07.Correspondence and business arising there from(a)Email from Campaigns Committee asking if branch was organising anything for May Day and from Cde Chesham with info on a Mayday mtg in Hebburn.JDWe have no contact with the majority of our members (not for the want of trying), and those of us who have made ourselves available to the rest of the membership, have not had a face to face meeting, yet. So how can we organise anything.It's early days, but I think we need to meet first.It was agreed to discuss at Seaham mtg on Feb 3rd10.Any other business(a) Elections 2015. SC said the campaign was already underway as he had two letters published in the Sunderland Echo. Members appreciated his efforts.(b)  Rule 2  Discussion on now that the Branch is starting to function and now we have a treasurer again, can we not write to all Branch members and suggest that that they remit such funds as they deem appropriate, to the Branch Treasurer, who will in turn, remit the relevant percentage of monies to HO? It would appear, that monies sent to HO up until now, the 20% to be retained/remitted to the Branch, has been lost.Motion"That in future members of NERB should send their voluntary contributions to their branch treasure and any  contributions received at HO from a branch member should be forwarded to the NERB treasurer.  We would further propose that regarding any monies paid by NERB members to HO in respect of voluntary contributions, we ask the EC, as a sign of good faith, to remit the 20% to NERB of these Voluntary contributions, paid during this period, as it will assist the Branch in its present and future activity and propaganda!"                Carried 4-0Meeting Adjourned Sun 4.30pm


    Minutes of North East Regional Branch held  7pm 24th March 2015 at to Alexander Pub SunderlandPresent :  T.Gilgallon, V. Maratty, J.Davison, S.ColbornVisitors:Steve Davison. 1.      Secretary informed Branch that he had received a letter of resignation for personal reasons from Cde  Brian Barry, informing the branch that he would continue to receive the Socialist Standard. Motion  T.Gilgallan, S.Colborn “That the Form F for Brian Barry be accepted and sent to the EC”Carried 4-0 2.      V.Maratty (Election Agent) informed meeting that he had received the £500 cheque from HO for Election Deposit 3.      Secretary reported contact from Cdes Alf Fulcher, Eddy Collins and Patricia Gilgallon 4.      General informal discussion followed re coming General Election, Party Forums etc. Meeting adjourned 9.10pm                                                                                                 

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