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 Credit is due to the 'Pathfinders' column for its bravery in taking on a subject that I wouldn't touch with someone else's bargepole.  Taking the points that have been made in reverse order, I concur with Ozy.  There is nothing trivial about the molestation of children, and it is a mistake to pass this damaging and unacceptable abuse off as 'just wandering hands'.YMS rightly points out that it only takes a small minority of sick people to fuck things up.  I don't know what we should be saying about this, but to suggest that the problem will disappear in a socialist society is – to my mind – naive.  It won't disappear for at least a few generations, and I think that one of the things that we need really to be talking about as revolutionaries is just how we might manage the kind of anti-social behaviour that is likely to scupper the revolution in its early days. It isn't enough to say that such behaviour won't be nourished in socialism.  Quite probably we'll have to stamp on it heavily until it's dead.