‘Socialism’s Lost Century’ (Glasgow – 7pm) – 21st March 2018 🗓

February 25, 2018

Venue: Maryhill Community Central Hall, 304 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 7YE

Directions: About 7 minutes walk north from St.George's Cross SPT subway station


Speaker: Brian Gardner

The centenary of the Russian Revolution has just passed – with more of a whimper than a bang. From 1917 the SPGB has had a unique perspective on the Bolshevik misadventure. So, 100 years on, is there anything of value to be learnt from the whole sorry event? Would it all have been different without the challenges of World War then Civil War? Was belated industrial development the problem? Did Lenin advance Marx's materialist view of history? What was the nature of the Soviet system? Did the Soviet Union not inspire workers round the world? The speaker will open on these and other questions for general discussion


Regular meeting of the Glasgow Branch of The Socialist Party of GB.

Join us to discuss socialism and organise to promote a world of production for use not profit. A world of common ownership and democratic control without the state, leaders, nations, war or money

Everyone welcome – bring a friend!