Occupy London Stock Exchange (St.Paul’s) – Literature Stall and Discussion – 4th December 2011 🗓

November 7, 2011


St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Church Yard, London  EC4M 8AD

We will have a literature stall at St.Paul’s every Sunday at 12 noon until December 18th for a few hours. The meeting place will be outside the arcade with the NatWest Bank (on the left side as you face St.Paul’s). The nearest tube is St.Paul’s on the Central Line.

Our table will be a meeting point for members and sympathisers to meet up and then disperse to talk to the occupiers and visitors.

Join us to discuss socialism and organise to promote a world of production for use not profit. A world of common ownership and democratic control without the state, leaders, nations, war or money.

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