Executive Committee (London 12.45pm) 🗓 🗺

September 23, 2019

Venue:  SPGB Head Office, 52 Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UN

Democracy in action.

How do you organise a political party without leaders or followers? Come and find out. We’ve been doing just that since the very beginning in 1904.

Our party’s policies are decided by a ballot of all our members following full debate at our Annual Conference. Every autumn there is also a delegate meeting which considers items of discussion placed on the agenda by branches.

Similarly, the members of the Executive Committee and party officers are elected directly by the membership as a whole. Members of party committees are nominated by branches with subsequent appointment by the EC.

In between conferences it is the work of the Executive Committee to coordinate the party’s activities in line with decisions made at past conferences and party polls.

We have no secrets.

All of our meetings, without exception, are open to anyone.

Come and see how we are organising for a world of common ownership and democratic control. A world free from the tyranny of classes, nations, the state, leaders, money and war.

You’ll be most welcome.

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