Edinburgh and Glasgow Branches Joint Day School – 8th May 2010 🗓

April 23, 2010

Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Road, Glasgow Map


1pm The Basic Cause of Present Day Problems Speaker Vic Vanni (Glasgow)

Left wingers have blamed the greed of bankers. Right wingers have blamed everything from an act of God to the misjudgements of the Labour Party. In the USA some have blamed the "socialism" of Obama. We analyse the basic economic cause of the boom and bust nature of capitalism.

2.15pm The Failure of Reformist Solutions Speaker John Cumming (Glasgow)

Over the last hundred years we have heard the claims from Conservative, Liberal, Labour and Communist politicians that they could solve the problems thrown up by capitalism but all have failed miserably. We review this failure and show its cause.

3.35pm The Socialist Alternative Speaker Paul Bennett (Manchester)

The failure of capitalism to meet the needs of the majority has led many to look for alternatives. We look at two strains of thought on the subject of alternatives. Firstly, the various anarchist movements who see the problem being that of government and so seek an alternative without government. Secondly, the Zeitgeist Movement who see money as the problem and seek a society without money.

All are welcome to this meeting which is free of charge. During the afternoon free light refreshments will be available.