Autumn Delegate Meeting – Day 2 – 21st October 🗓

September 18, 2018

The Socialist Party of Great Britain’s premises,
52 Clapham High Street · London SW4 7UN

How to find us:

About four minutes walk from Clapham North tube on the Northern line and three minutes walk from Clapham High Street station on the overground line

Location image of event venue

Also on Saturday, 20 October from 10.30am

Agenda for Sunday, 21 October (10.30am – 5.00pm)

The suggested order for taking the items and reports:

1. Report of the General Secretary – Vacant in period.

2. Item for Discussion Lancaster Branch
“Do we need to spread the workload of the General Secretary?”

3. Report of the Assistant Secretary – No report received

4. Report of the Central Organiser

5. Item for Discussion South Wales Regional Branch
“To institute a ‘buddy’ system within the Party for new members.”

6. Item for Discussion Lancaster Branch
“What should the Party do to encourage more women activists?”

7. Report of the Ballot Committee

8. Item for Discussion Lancaster Branch
“Should the Party return to the practice of sending out branch statements in support and in opposition on the items along with the voting papers after Conference as we did in the years 2001 to 2015?”

9. Report of the Blog Committee

10. Report of the Campaigns Committee & Summer School

11. Item for Discussion Lancaster Branch
“Should Summer School go vegetarian?”

12.Item for Discussion Edinburgh Branch
“Day Schools: What happened to them, should they return and if so, how?”

13. Report of the Audio-Visual Committee – No report received

14. Report of the Internet Committee

15. Item for Discussion West London Branch
“What other activity can we engage in to further the socialist case?”

16. Item for Discussion Edinburgh Branch
“In what ways can we increase the distribution of the Socialist Standard via the Internet?”

Lunch Break 1.00 – 2.15

17. Report of the Advertising and Enquiries Committees

18. Report of the Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer – Report delayed

19. Report of the Investment Committee – No report received

20. Report of the Auditor – No report received

21. Report of Socialist Standard Production Committee

22. Report of the Media Committee – No report received

23. Report of Membership Applications Committee

24. Report of the Election Committee

25. Item for Discussion South Wales Regional Branch
“To conduct a members’ survey to identify, establish and clarify our key message to the working class.”

26. Item for Discussion Manchester Branch
“The party is against capitalism, not individual particular capitalists.”

27. Item for Discussion Lancaster Branch
“What is the Party’s view of patriarchy?”

28. Item for Discussion Lancaster Branch
“Should we start rotating job roles in the Party?”

29. Report of the Head Office Organiser – No report received

30. Report of the Premises Committee – No report received

31. Report of the Publications Committee

32. Report of Standing Orders Committee

33. Report of the Central Branch Secretary – No report received

34. Report of the Education Committee – No report received

35. University and College Committee

36. Report of the Archives and Library – No report received

37. Adoption of the EC and Party Officers’ Report to ADM


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