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Politics and Conflict

The Cold War re-heats

The War in  Georgia

European Capitalism Or World Socialism

From the Socialist Party Election Leaflet for Euro Elections 2004.

Iraq: Liberation Or Occupation?

A statement from our anti-war leaflet.

The Liberian Crisis in Perspective

An African view of the conflict in Liberia.

American Centuries, Old and New

The shadowy think tanks plotting the USA's continued world domination.

Tomorrow's Enemies

Gwynn Thomas argues that since the end of the Cold War, conventional war has become more likely.

The Oil Wars to Come

In a world divided up by private property where are the areas of conflict over apparently diminishing resources likely to be?

The War: Capitalism Does It Again

A statement on the war in Iraq.

Intrigue in the Middle East

The historical background to the pending war in Iraq.

The Coming War for Oil

The U.S. economic interests in Iraq.

Yes, Inaction Is Not an Option

The U.S.A. considers military action against Iraq.

U.S.A. Versus the World

George Bush's State of the Union address.

Election Fever Grips Zimbabwe

A socialist in Zimbabwe writes before the election.

Zambia's Tribalist Politics

A history of party politics in Zambia

Afghanistan and the New Silk Road

U.S. Senator explains U.S. interests in Afghanistan.

World Socialists Comment on Afghanistan War

Comment from Pakistan, U.S.A. and Ireland.

The Middle East Connection

The first war of the 21st Century.

Indonesia: All Change for No Change

The history of conflict in Indonesia.

The Case of the Decroated Donkey

Suhuyini reports on the African Union—the brainchild of Col Gadhafi—and in whose interests it can be expected to operate.

Terrorist Attacks in the USA

A socialist response.

Kosovo—the Real Motives

U.S. interest in Balkan oil supplies was a key factor behind their intervention in Kosovo.

The Politics of Poverty in Zambia

The current, tense political situation in Zambia.

Son of Star Wars

George Bush sets out his intent for a new approach to U.S.A. foreign policy.

Tribalism, Colonialism and Capitalism

A study of West Africa.

Black Consciousness in South Africa

Left wing movements in South Africa do not advocate the end of capitalism.

Letter From Zambia

The impact of free market capitalism on Zambian politics.

Venezuela - Capitalism Staggers on

Re-elected Chavez faces huge problems.

Iraq - The Continuing War

The motives behind and consequences of sanctions against Iraq.

Africa - The Lost Continent

Reflections from the Gambia on the fate of the African continent under capitalism.

New Times for Syria?

A new President takes over in Syria.

Kosovo - A War for Justice?

Questioning the supposed motives for the N.A.T.O bombing in the Balkans.

Whither Iraq?

Questioning the supposed motives for sanctions on Iraq.

Exit Oskar the Pink

The failure of SPD reforms in Germany leads to the resignation of Oscar Lafontaine.

Pinochet and Socialism

What happened in Chile in 1973 is not relevant to our case that capitalism can be abolished by a democratically-organised socialist majority using already-established elective and representative institutions.

The Israel–Palestine Conflict

World Socialist Movement—The Isreal—Palestine Conflict

Not Worth the Paper

Various treaties exist concerning different types of weapons of mass destruction but all of them contain escape clauses and ambiguous formulations that facilitate routine violations.

Out of Africa?

African democracy and U.S.A intervention

Us Flexes Its Muscles in the Gulf

The latest round of U.S.A. sabre-rattling has less to do with any perceived threat Saddam poses to the present world order and rather more to do with U.S.A. hegemony and U.S.A. control of world oil supplies.

Fifty Years of Loot, Plunder and Intrigues

A socialist view of Pakistan.

The Myth Of Maastricht

Can the Maastricht treaty really be blamed by economic problems in Europe?

More Promises in Washington

With a million more members than the Nation of Islam and with an alleged turnout for their recent Gap in the Wall gathering of 800,000, twice the attendance of Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March, many take the Promise Keepers, the US's newest religious sect seriously.

Security and Terror in South East Asia

The ambivalence of the Austrialian government towards the military dictatorship in Indonesia.

Pol Pot and His Friends From the West

Polpot and the West

The Yugoslav Wars—Myths & Realities

The futility of nationalism in the former Yugoslavia.

Darfur: Not Yet a Genocide?

Once again the world is faced by an artificial humanitarian disaster: the Darfur conflict.

Religious Fanaticism Kills in Uganda

In March of 2000, 300 Christian cultists died in a fire in what is considered a cult suicide. We examine the impact of doomsday religions, especially on people in Africa.