The Socialist Song

So please wake up
Is the Socialist cry
For capitalism only
Darkens your sky.

As the years roll by
And the profits grow
The rich get richer
While the poor get a blow.

Selfishness, greed and fear are the three
Villains hanging from the capitalist tree.

Marx and Engels and William Morris too
Are the men to follow
Out of this capitalist zoo.

Where people are treated
As wage slaves or less
Fed peanuts for wages
To feather their nest

While millionaires sit
On their thrones of clay
Comrades gather
To plan their decay

For the system of money
Has got to go
Free access to everything
Be they Jane or Joe.

All over the world
The need is great
To break the barrier
Of the capitalist state.

The Communist flag
Keeps flying high
Where they see one another
United, a truth in the sky.

All it takes is a pause or two
To consider Socialism,
What it means to you.

To family, friends and strangers all
Everyone comes under
The Socialist call.

We all are in
This jail
Of the profit pit
That has no heart
No soul, or wit.

Then what's to do
Tis plain to see
Become a Socialist
And be free
From fear of want
And poverty.

So please wake up
To the capitalist cry
For capitalism only
Darkens your sky.

Put dark clouds behind us
Let the Sun shine through
For the message
That is Socialism
Is tried and true

Alan Cash.




























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