One world, one people.   World Socialist Party (Auckland branch)

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The new Headquarters of the Party at Manurewa.
On the left can be seen the cottage; 
at right, a meeting is under way in the spacious garage.
The monthly Auckland branch meeting 
under way, 
in our own premises, March 2002.
Comrades and friends outside the new Headquarters
at our first meeting there, March 2002.
About to cut the ribbon at the official opening of the new WSPNZ Headquarters, 2002.
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Comrades in Uganda.
left to right: Moses Wanda, Mutngi Benson, Weijagye Justu,
Mugyenso Ishmael, Mwebaze Jimmy.
Comrades in Uganda
1908 - what has changed?
1932: unemployment all over the world - why?
The first socialist stamp! Click this stamp to view a full sheet.
The failure of state capitalism.
The social system where gambling to succeed is encouraged. (1929, stockmarket crash)
Capitalism's ignorance (Sharpeville massacre, South Africa, 1960.)
A violent system begets violent people - ST VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE, CHICAGO, 1929.
Starvation, while a UN report says that we can produce enough food for ten times the world's population.
Capitalist production (1910) - munitions factory.  Just what the workers need!!?
On our way to Masterton, we were surprised to see this painted railway bridge: CIA-Mafia + Europacific = Laundrobank.
USA criticises China over Tienanmen Square massacre...but acts the same! (1970 Kent State University, 4 students shot.)
The law does not exist for the benefit of slaves. 
(Sacco & Vanzetti, innocent anarchists killed in 1927)
The late Comrade Peter Furey.
Comrade Peter Furey.
Comrades discuss socialist society during a break in the long van drive to Masterton.
Anti-capitalists burn money and bank propaganda in Seattle.
The WSPNZ Annual Conference at Masterton, 1997.
Some Auckland Branch comrades take a break by the river.  On the way to Masterton Conference, 1997.
Alan and Philip survey the Pacific Ocean, 
while visiting Castle Point. (Masterton Conference, diversion, 1997.)
The second socialist stamp, issued for the 2001 Annual Conference of the WSPNZ.  Click the stamp to view a full sheet.
The reward for slaves fighting for their masters (Somme, 1916.)


Socialist cat seeks end of capitalism and wars.

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