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Links: There is a lot of mention of the word "socialism" (do a web search and you'll see many thousands of entries!) but sadly, most of these are garbage: complete mis-use of the word. For instance, Hitler called himself a National Socialist. Slobodan Milosevic ruled with an iron hand, and yet, his party was titled Socialist. And Stalin and Mao Tse-tung claimed to be socialists as well. These dictators and other users of the word are not socialists, but love to use the word because of the support it brings them. True socialism involves abolition of money, privilege, the class system, and government – you can clearly see that none of the fascists mentioned above support socialism.

Here are some links to some true socialists on the web:

The World Socialist Movement

Socialist Party of Great Britain (Clapham)

Socialist Party of Canada

World Socialist Party of USA

World Socialist Party of New Zealand


The first socialist stamp!  This one shows a photo of a WSP meeting in Auckland in 1995.     The second socialist stamp, issued for the 2001 Annual Conference of the WSPNZ.  Click the stamp to view a full sheet.

Other interesting sites we recommend you visit:

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Greek philosophers debate at Athens, 334 B.C.
Click this picture to visit the Minorities website.

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