The Western Socialist
Vol. 27 - No. 218
No. 7, 1960
page 19

Verbal Shots Hit Marxmen

"Spittoon philosophers" got a tongue lashing Thursday night for telling people to spoil their ballots in the Sept. 12 election.

Vancouver East CCF MP Harold Winch lit into a group which calls itself "the Socialist Party of Canada" and claims nine members in Victoria.

They aren't CCFers, they aren't Communists, they say. They call themselves "true Marxists." They set up outside Douglas Hall Thursday night, distributed pamphlets and told voters to spoil their ballots as none of the parties is any good.

"They should be ashamed to call themselves socialists," said Mr. Winch.

Tearing up or spoiling a ballot was a denial of centuries of struggle.

These "socialists" don't have any candidates, they just talk, said Mr. Winch.

"A true socialist is a person of action."

Report in the Victoria Daily Times 8-26-60. These "Marxmen" hit their target and it stung!