The Western Socialist
Vol. 28 - No. 219
No. 1, 1961
page 11


Socialism is not an idle dream. This is a world where goods can be produced in almost unlimited quantities. Is it really impractical to organize distribution on a basis where all people shall have access to these goods? What is there to prevent such reorganization except the knowledge and will to do so? Are we so contemptuous of the capacity for social conduct of our fellow men and ourselves that we believe it impossible? Of course not — all we ask is that the world population seek the means whereby they can live and work without threat of poverty, insecurity and war.

What practical alternative is there to the reorganization of society, except by the means which we advocate? And what we advocate offers possibilities of life for all of us such as the world has never known.

As the condition of the present world becomes more and more chaotic, insecure and critical, men will find it necessary to eventually support our position for socialism — this we know — because the history of one hundred years of protest and reform still leaves us with the major problems of society unsolved. The only reasonable solution is socialism.

The road to socialism is the road of persuasion through the democratic organization of a socialist political party, internationally organized. As yet we are small in numbers. The numbers who have still to learn the full meaning of socialism are vast. But WE, the Companion Parties of Socialism, are here. Socialism can only be realized by organizing for it — and the time to organize is now. The best reason for organization is obvious: a number of people united are better able to accomplish an objective than the same people working in isolated orbits.

The object that is aimed at determines the quality of an organization. We are a political party with a definite objective and with definite principles.

Since capitalism will not grow into socialism by itself, we, by and with the consent and demand of the great majority will have to win the state apparatus to make socialism a reality. Casual organization, like casual interest in socialism is not enough.

It is a fact that the measure of a socialist is determined by the extent to which he supports his organization; the measure of a local is determined by the extent to which it carries on the work of socialist education. The record of the Companion Parties of Socialism in bringing socialist education to our fellow workers is one in which we need not feel ashamed. Anything less than genuine socialist activity is inadequate.

What are our immediate needs? Speakers and writers, people who can do clerical work, sell literature etc. The more help, the more efficient we become and the closer is our destination. The final remunerations for those efforts is a life of peace and a world worth while. And money is also needed. Lots of it. Money to meet the costly and necessary expenses. Of all the contributions to socialism, money is probably the easiest for most to give.

Today, the capitalist powers, both East and West, futilely promise peace but build for war. This is an insidiously destructive process that threatens human extinction. What a grisly prospect! It is high time the world was organized on a sensible basis, that decisions of war or "peace," poverty with employment or poverty with unemployment were no longer permitted. Become enlightened — shed your apathy and cynicism. SUPPORT — JOIN — and ORGANIZE for SOCIALISM TODAY. Tomorrow may be too late.


Vancouver Local