The Western Socialist
Vol. 28 - No. 222
No. 4 - 1961
page 2

SPC Election Results

VICTORIA, B. C. — Local Victoria of the S. P. of Canada reports the recent bye-election at Esquimalt-Saanich that:

International, national and local response in the Esquimalt-Saanich by-election, was inspiring. The members of the Victoria Local wish to extend thanks for the cooperation of members and branches of the World Socialist Movement for the part they played in the recent campaign here.

Financial and moral support came from Winnipeg, Boston, Vancouver, England, Australia and members far and near.

While the number of votes for socialism were few (149) they were more than was expected. The Socialist case and some of its principles and the party name were spread across the country in some daily papers and on two National TV programs, which also took in the territory comprising the Northwestern Pacific states of the U. S. A. as well as Northern B. C. One of these programs included close-ups of the front cover of The Western Socialist. The name of the party was also used on the TV news of election results.

While definite results aside from votes would be impossible to measure, we do know that many thousands of people are now aware that the Socialist Party of Canada does exist who didn't know this before.