The Western Socialist
Vol. 37 - No. 277
No. 5, 1970
page 21

"Socialists" Sighted

A rash of reports of sightings of "Socialist" and "Communist" parties appeared in the press again. The latest one being an editorial in the Victoria Daily Times of April 2, 1970.

"Socialist" parties were reported hovering over Austria, West Germany, Britain, Finland and Sweden. "Communist" parties were seen over many East European countries and Russia. In other reports "Marxists" were acting up as far away as India and South America, Vietnam and China.

Although all the individuals involved claimed to be in full control of their faculties, some declined to have their names connected with the reported sightings, and others admitted that fog and other atmospheric disturbances were present on the evenings when the identified flying objects were observed.

Generally speaking, the capitalist class of these countries, including the rouble millionaires of Russia were unavailable for comment. However, aside from a few gripes, it is well known from previous interviews, that they regard profit in the form of interest off state bonds to be just as sweet as dividends from private shares and they don't mind a bit.

There are real Socialist Parties in Austria and England, (The League of Democratic Socialists and The Socialist Party of Great Britain), but apparently they were not visible in the night sky.

A prominent social psychologist, Lrak Xram, from the Soho area of London, ventured an opinion that with the level of anxiety existing in the world today, people tend to keep their heads in the clouds, and there is a distinct possibility that such strange phenomena will continue to be seen for some time to come.

J. G. Jenkins, SPC