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Pricing Note

We recognize that this literature is relatively expensive. Socialist literature is produced in small production runs so that economies of scale cannot easily be realized. That increases the cost to us, and to you. Much of this literature is available from no other sources. Please also note that much of this literature is subsidized by the membership of the Socialist Party of Canada and the other Companion Parties of Socialism.

You are not likely to find the socialist case (including the socialist analysis of capitalism) stated as clearly, accurately, and consistently anywhere else. Perhaps the question shouldn't be, "Is the literature too expensive?" but rather, "Can I afford not to understand the socialist case?" We claim that only through understanding (you don't have to become a socialist scholar, of course) and then action, can we solve the problems we face in society. If the working class doesn't do it, nobody will, and we, our children, their's -- the working class for all time -- will be doomed to wage slavery.