Introduction to

William A Pritchard: Reminiscences of the old Socialist Party of Canada and his connections therein

By John Ames

Aside from the many publications written about Bill Pritchard's legacy and his contributions to the SPC, the following scan of Bill's unpublished draft autobiography is a highly useful addition to the SPC's history. The manuscript's penned annotations in Bill's own hand demonstrates the authenticity and significance of this rare draft.

Lending primary source context to the Party's early history, the manuscript is an invaluable source to researchers and SPC enthusiasts alike interested in Bill's life work.

Of historic value to those wishing to better understand the early days of the Socialist Party of Canada, many fascinating accounts are presented by Bill, importantly among them his direct observations of Ginger Goodwin's body after Ginger's murder by Dominion Police in Cumberland BC in 1918.

The manuscript also includes conclusions drawn from Bill's father, James Pritchard, about the party's foundation being 1903, not 1904 or '05, as many internet authors on the SPC suggest.

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William A Pritchard: Reminiscences of the old Socialist Part of Canada and his connections therein (composition date unknown, likely around 1973, 34pp)

A general overview of Bill's life may be seen on Wikipedia.