The Western Socialist
Vol. 25 - No. 204
No. 6, 1958
page 11

Letters to the Editor:


May I comment on the question, "Politics and Trade Unions." There is no room in trade unions for politics, the function of unions is to get the best wage, and the best working conditions possible for its members, and to resist any move for the reduction of same. Whenever politics is introduced that is dynamite, dividing all its members into various sections, Conservative, Liberals, Socreds, CCF, Communist, then the fight is on.

Doesn't history mean anything to these so-called leaders? The unions of the U.S.A. advised their members to vote Democratic, they voted Republican; in Canada they advised them to vote CCF, they voted Conservative.

These union leaders should pay less attention to their own ambitions, and educate the rank and file, that reforms under the present system have proven their futility today and that the expansion of capital and the production of goods are tending toward the saturation point, to what the markets can absorb.

The only solution to this problem, is the abolition of wage system, and the production of goods for the use of the whole community.


Victoria Daily Times, 10-2-58.