The Western Socialist
Vol. 33 - No. 253
No. 5, 1966
pages 2,18

News from Toronto, Canada

On Saturday September 10, Local Toronto (Socialist Party of Canada) sponsored an International Rally for Socialism in the new Nathan Phillips Square in front of the new City Hall. Seven speakers from the Socialist Party of Canada, the Socialist Party of Great Britain and the World Socialist Party (U.S.) presented the case for socialism over a public address system. It was the first open air meeting to be held in this busy shopping area.

In preparation, press, radio and TV were notified but there was no response. Despite the blackout from the news media, however, the meeting was a success with a satisfactory sale of literature. Many requests for information were handled at the literature table and the audience, generally, was attentive.

There were some interesting side-lights: 1. Larry Solway, host of one of the talk shows in Toronto (Radio Station CHUM) wrote Local Toronto that he does approve of free speech but the Socialist Party of Canada does not deserve a hearing because of their "antiquated" ideas about class struggle, etc. 2. A reporter for a Toronto newspaper interviewed Comrades Phyllis and Arthur Howard of London, England but his write-up was not cleared by his editor. Disappointed, he nevertheless attended the regular Sunday meeting in Allen Gardens (September 11), took copious notes of the speeches and pictures of the speakers. This time there was some, albeit limited, recognition of his efforts with a display of a few pictures headed: "Sunday in the Park — a Swinging Spot" and a brief, 100-word caption. The meeting, however, was even more successful than the International Rally with a friendly audience discouraging a couple of hecklers. Literature sales were very good and there were several inquiries for information about socialism.

Local Toronto, an active and enthusiastic group of young men and women, appears to be going places and in a genuine socialist direction.